In the Golden Age psychiatry and psychology will no longer be tools for the power elite

TOPICS: The dualistic power struggle goes far back in history - leads to formation of power elite that wants to maintain its position - elite seeks to prevent emergence of a true leader - psychological suppression - a true leader liberates through ideas, not force - must think outside the box - power elite seeks to prevent a Christed leader - which institutions of society can do this? - suppression through religion - military suppression - how psychology can be used for suppression - mental health care professionals have a difficult job - people take epic mindset to extremes - open debate necessary - anyone who threatens the power elite is labelled abnormal - seeking a universal, timeless basis - psychology can become a force for helping develop the full human potential - many people exploring their full potential - the duality consciousness is seen as normal - in golden age, expressing full potential is normal - transcend materialistic basis - consciousness is the fundamental reality - creativity is always beyond normal - creativity is generally a threat to the elite - ascended masters never support status quo -

Question: What will happen to the fields of psychiatry and psychology in the golden age of Saint Germain?


Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:


As we have explained over and over again, human society and the collective consciousness are heavily influenced by the duality consciousness and have been so for a very long time. Thus, a discerning student of history will be able to see the dualistic struggle as the basic dynamic in society, going as far back as there is recorded history (in reality, of course, it goes back much further).


A closer look will also reveal that the dualistic struggle has in most societies led to the formation of a small power elite that has been able to dominate and suppress the general population. In many cases there has also been one or more aspiring power elites who have been trying to dethrone the established elite, often under the guise of wanting to free the people from oppression (but in most cases only ending up suppressing the people even more, as witnessed in both the French and the Bolshevik revolutions with their "reign of terror.")


In a society ruled by an established power elite, this elite has one main concern, namely to remain in its "established" position (The quotation marks are meant to signify that no position in the material universe can remain established, because the second law of thermodynamics begins to break down any position as soon as it is established.).


The established elite knows that the general population will not be able to free itself (which was especially the case in previous ages with a generally lower state of consciousness and less access to information). Thus, the elite knows that for the population to revolt against the power of the elite, the people will need one or more strong leaders.


In other words, an established power elite employes a perversion of the Alpha and the Omega qualities in order to keep itself in power. It misuses the power of the father in terms of physical suppression of the people and in order to prevent the formation of an aspiring elite. Yet beyond this material and generalized suppression is a psychological suppression, a perversion of the contracting force of the mother, which is expressed in the belief that it is necessary or beneficial to maintain status quo. One way this is expressed is in preventing the emergence of a strong leader who can in any way (physically or by providing ideas) empower the people to revolt against the elite.


Who might such a liberator be? Well, as we have explained, no power elite can exist through physical suppression alone. The physical threat goes hand-in-hand with the suppression of thought and individuality, so that the general population believes revolt is impossible, fruitless or even unjustified (in extreme cases unnecessary). Thus, it becomes obvious that a true liberator is not a person who seeks to "liberate" the people through force but through ideas. By definition, such a person is not blindly following the collective consciousness but has a strong enough individuality to think outside the mental box defined by the ruling elite.


In other words, any power elite is always and ceaselessly trying to suppress individuality, especially the emergence of a person with any degree of personal Christhood. This is why the ruling elite of his time were so quick to kill Jesus, as such elites have killed or in other ways neutralized many other strong individuals and out-of-box thinkers.


My point being that in every society with a dominant elite, there is a system for suppressing or disposing of strong individuals. The actual methods used by the system will simply depend on what seems acceptable according to the dominant philosophy of a specific society. Yet the essence of the system is always the definition of a norm or standard for what is considered acceptable or normal behavior, and then the creation of a hierarchy of henchmen who serve in various ways to make people think according to the norm or to punish, suppress or even kill individuals who refuse to stay within the box.


With this in mind, you can take a new look at the institutions of society and ask yourself how they can be used by an established elite to hold on to power by maintaining status quo. And you will then see that almost any institution or organized group can and will be used by a power elite for the purpose of maintaining status quo.


Take for example religion. In some societies, the religious leaders made up the established power elite and they ruthlessly exploited their religion in order to maintain status quo. In societies with a division between secular and religious powers (church and state) there has been a clear tendency for the religious leaders to align themselves with secular leaders and thus maintain status quo by using religion to suppress the people's desire to revolt agains the established order of society.


As we explain over and over again, since Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the Christian religion has had as its main purpose to prevent any individual from using the example and teachings of Jesus to manifest personal Christhood. Thus, the very religion that claims to represent Christ has had as its hidden agenda to directly oppose Jesus' true mission—which was to raise up so many people with personal Christhood that the power elites of the world could not kill them all—and thus the people would permanently escape the grips of any power elite. One can truly say that the religion of Christianity has been a force of anti-christ. And although this was precipitated by the Roman Catholic Church, no modern Christian church has freed itself from the effects of how the Catholic Church distorted, even eclipsed, Jesus' true teachings.


Another institution that has often served as the henchmen for the established elite is, of course, the military. In many cases the military has also become allied with an aspiring power elite or has even become the aspiring elite. Yet in a few cases, the military has indeed refused to be the henchmen of an elite and have taken a stand for the people and the cause of freedom.


I trust you see where I am going with this? It is necessary to be continually vigilant and make sure that one's chosen profession or vocation does not become pulled into this dualistic struggle and becomes the pawn of a power elite group seeking to maintain its position or to gain a position.


In the modern, so-called free and democratic, world, one of the professions that is in constant danger of becoming a henchman for maintaining status quo is indeed the psychological profession. The field of psychology is uniquely suited for such a position because it is currently based on a clear division between what is labeled as normal and abnormal psychology, even with a focus on abnormal psychology. It should be clear how easy it is for representatives of a power elite to in subtle ways twist this definition, so that any behavior which questions status quo is labeled as abnormal. And then the very system of the psychological profession can be put into work in terms of suppressing or isolating the very individuals that have the potential to take society beyond the status quo of the dualistic struggle.


Such methods have already been employed in the Soviet Union, where a great number of people were sent to mental institutions—some of them still being unjustly kept there in today’s Russia. There are indeed examples of how the psychological profession can become a henchman for an established elite, and this is something that people in the West have not been willing to recognize and talk about with sufficient openness and honesty. Thus, the psychological profession itself is guilty of precisely the kind of suppression that its own philosophy labels as the cause of most psychological maladies. As we transition towards the Golden Age, it is essential that there is a free and open debate about the role of psychology, especially the potential for this procession to become pulled into the dualistic struggle and serve to maintain the status quo that allows the current power elite to stay in power.


I am not hereby saying that the vast majority of the members of the psychological profession are supporting the power elite or are sympathetic toward suppressing the people. In fact, I am well aware that many mental health-care professionals are doing a very difficult job, and this is caused precisely by the transition to the Aquarian age. As Jesus explains in another answer, LINK we are going through a period in which people trapped in the epic mindset must take this mindset more and more into the extremes in order to maintain it. And this does indeed cause many more people to "lose it" and go into unbalanced and extreme behavior. Thus, this does indeed make it necessary to isolate more people in mental institutions in order to protect them from themselves or to protect other people or society from their extreme behavior.


The problem here is that society at large is also affected by the raising of the collective consciousness, meaning that the elite that rules western so-called free societies is also being forced to become more and more extreme in order to maintain its established position. (One aspect of this was the financial crises in 2007-2008, which was caused by extreme attempts to maintain market dominance that eventually led to a collapse of the system.)


Thus, as this trend accelerates – AS IT WILL – the ruling elite will be looking for more effective ways to suppress what it looks at as "dangerous" individuals. And since people in western nations are less likely to accept a secret police (although they have already gone far in terms of accepting violations of freedoms in the guise of fighting terrorism), the elite will be looking for less obvious means. And here the psychological profession is in a unique position to be employed as a means to neutralize the very individuals who could be instrumental in bringing forth the ideas that can overthrow the established elite and bring society closer to the Golden Age.


If the psychological profession is to avoid being pulled further into this dynamic than it already is in some nations, then there needs to be awareness, openness and debate. And it needs to center around the foundational aspect of current psychology, namely the definition of what is normal and abnormal behavior.


Here is the central dynamic. Once a power elite has established itself as a dominant force in society, its members will seek to maintain the elite's position. And in so doing, it is inevitable that they will label any behavior that threatens status quo as abnormal or dangerous. In medieval Catholic societies, a woman who used herbs to treat disease was labeled as exhibiting abnormal and dangerous behavior, and she was likely to be burned as a witch. Yet is using natural remedies to treat disease truly abnormal behavior? In the Soviet Union, any person who did not profess to believe in Marxist ideology was labeled as being abnormal and dangerous. Yet is it truly abnormal not to believe in Marxist ideology, an ideology that has been largely disproven by historical necessity—that it claimed as its primary means of support?


What the psychological profession needs to recognize is that defining human behavior in terms of normal and abnormal is fraught with problems. The definition will almost inevitably become subject to the powers that rule current society, which may be actual political powers or ideas and philosophies that will not – as no idea thus far has – stand the test of time.


So the choice facing the psychological profession as society inevitably moves towards the Golden Age is the same as that faced by any other institution or profession: Will it remain subject to the changing powers of society or will it seek to find a more universal, timeless basis for its own existence? Will it truly seek to liberate the people or will it keep itself in a state, where it is in constant danger of being used by the current elite in order to suppress the people and maintain status quo.


For the psychological profession it would be constructive to realize that no ruling elite will ever want the individual human being to develop or express its full potential. It will ALWAYS use any means available to prevent people from expressing their full potential—as I explained with the dominant elite who killed Jesus and then the Christian elite who sought to use Jesus' teachings to prevent anyone else from doing what Jesus did in terms of challenging the elite.


Thus, if the psychological profession is truly dedicated to helping people, it would do well to transform itself into a profession and institution that has as its main goal to pursue any effective philosophy or methodology for helping people explore and develop the full human potential. As it is today, psychology has a very narrow definition of what is normal human behavior, a definition that simply does not allow for the expression of the full human potential.


As I said earlier, at this time many people are exhibiting unbalanced and extremist behavior. Yet at the same time many people are pushing the boundaries for the human potential, and even though this is precisely what can take society into the Golden Age, it is likely to be labeled as abnormal behavior by current psychologists. Thus, there are already examples of people who have been committed to mental institutions simply because psychologists and psychiatrists are using a far too narrow definition of normal and abnormal behavior. Some should be able to see the irony in the fact that psychology is now persecuting those who go beyond the current mental box, precisely as the Inquisition did in centuries past.


It is a fact that after most human beings fell into the duality consciousness, being in a lower state of mind became "normal" human behavior. Maintaining such a standard is the most powerful way to preserve the status quo and keep the population dominated by an elite. The ONLY way out is that a critical mass of people begin to demonstrate that human beings have a higher potential.


If psychology wants to be a force for progress, it needs to stop labeling it as abnormal to express the full human potential. Instead, it needs to take its focus away from abnormal (meaning lower) psychology and put it on what can indeed be the "normal" psychology for a human being, namely a higher mastery of the faculties of the mind. In the Golden Age, such mastery of the mind will indeed be seen as normal human psychology and it will be the most common as well.


Of course, for this goal to be truly pursued, it will be necessary with a candid debate about the current materialistic basis for psychology—a philosophy that has been invalidated by physicists proving that the human mind can interact directly with the most fundamental level of matter. Thus, a philosophy based on a separation between matter and mind is hopelessly obsolete and can never serve to help people develop the full human potential—which is precisely for the mind to take dominion over the material world instead of being dominated by it.


In the Golden Age, psychology will be based on a world view that recognizes consciousness as the underlying reality. In other words, all material phenomena are the expressions of matrices in consciousness, and thus the only way to truly change material conditions is to change consciousness. Psychology will therefore be dedicated to helping people develop and express their full human/spiritual potential, which among other things means that there can be no definition of what is normal and abnormal behavior.


You see, in order to evaluate what is normal and abnormal, you must define a standard. And ANY standard you define will serve to counteract the development of the full human potential. Why is this so? It is so because creativity CANNOT BE PREDEFINED. There is NO standard for creativity.

Creativity is that which is new, meaning that by definition it is beyond the status quo, beyond the norm, beyond the current standard, beyond the current mental box.


Thus, the progress of humanity can be seen as a question of whether the collective consciousness is dominated by a creative mindset or by a non-creative mindset. Any power elite has a non-creative mindset, which is why an elite sees creativity as a threat and must seek to suppress it. If various power elites had been successful, humankind would still have been living at the level of feudal societies or the Roman empire. Do you see why? ANY new idea or invention that brought society forward has ALWAYS been a threat to the status quo.


Power elites have always been seeking to define ideas and philosophies that prevent people from expressing their full potential and thereby becoming the open doors for new ideas that overthrow the current status quo and thus bring society one step closer to the potential for the Golden Age. Thus, the profession of psychology faces the inevitable question of whether it will transform itself into a creative activity or whether it will continue to be an activity that can only limit the human potential. There really are no other options, as you must choose either life or death.


In that connection, let me say that there are some among ascended master students who seem to think that we of the ascended masters always support a conservative political agenda, and in the United States that means supporting the Republican party. Yet is it not so that conservative political parties tend to want to maintain status quo and "traditional values?"


So I ask you to question whether you think current society is indeed living up to the potential for a golden age society? If your answer is "Yes," then there is nothing further I can do for you. If the answer is "No," then let me ask you to consider how we can get from current conditions to a golden age society? Do you think we can bring positive change by maintaining the status quo?


You see, my beloved, this simply cannot be done. Change cannot be brought by those who seek to maintain status quo. And thus, inasmuch as conservative political parties are focused on maintaing status quo – call it "law and order" if you will – then we of the ascended masters do not support such parties. We support those who are willing to question anything in order to open up for the true creativity that goes beyond all boundaries and thus is open to the creative ideas that will indeed bring the Golden Age.


So to tie back to what my brother Jesus said about the individual perspective and balance, it should be clear that one does not help to "defeat" the power elite by fighting it in a dualistic battle. The existence of a power elite (or several) is a product of the dualistic consciousness, which maintains the dualistic struggle between opposites. And the ONLY way to truly "defeat" the power elite is for a critical mass of people to rise above the dualistic mindset, whereby the power of God will remove the power elite from this planet.


And – as I trust some will understand – rising above the dualistic mindset can only be done through balance. One does not become the Christ by going into this or that extreme but by transcending all extremes until one is able to express and demonstrate one's spiritual beliefs in a balanced manner. And once this is achieved, the psychological profession will not be a threat—at least not in societies that are moving towards becoming more tolerant and inclusive.


You see – do you not – that even though this move may seem to be a threat to "traditional values," it is indeed necessary for society to move away from the standard of normal and abnormal that aborts the human potential. One cannot give people freedom to express Christhood without at the same time giving them freedom to express the consciousness of anti-christ in its extremes. And this is indeed in order, as the expression of dualistic extremes makes the extremes more visible and thus gives people a better opportunity for choosing an alternative—especially when they encounter someone who has transcended the dualistic mindset and can express non-dualistic ideas. Thus, the need for Christed beings who can give people and society a frame of reference beyond the dualistic illusions.





Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

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