Making karma in business

Question: What kind of karma will those make who are actually involved in selling cigarettes, alcohol?


Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:


People who sell any kind of products that are detrimental to people’s physical and psycho-spiritual health will incur severe karma. I strongly advise any spiritual people to withdraw themselves from these kinds of businesses. 

There are, of course, many other businesses where you make karma. Any kind of pornography, any kind of exploitation of other people in various forms, will incur a heavy karma. If you are engaged in a business that is based on disregard for other people, or deception of other people, you will incur a karma that you simply do not want to have as a spiritual person who is concerned about making your ascension.



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Webinar for American conference


If you cannot participate in person for our upcoming conference in Washington, D.C., you might want to consider participating via the webinar.

Participants via the webinar all feel they have a great experience and it is almost like being there.


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Just got back from a wonderful conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Warmest thanks to all who organized it and all who participated.


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Third book about the Golden Age


We have published a third book in the series on Saint Germain's Golden Age in which it is explained that the vision for the Golden Age is so far ahead of what we have now that most people could not accept it as realistic.


The book contains dictations given over the last couple of years along with new invocations for helping peoiple accept the Golden Age.


The book is also available on Amazon.


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