Is one Baltic nation realistic?

Question: My question is about the one Baltic nation, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania becoming one nation. How realistic is this idea, and if it is realistic, how could this be achieved?


Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.


Saint Germain:  This is a complicated question because of free will. From a certain overall perspective, I have talked about the fact that, as we move into the Golden Age, the national consciousness will start to fade and become less and less important. This means that, starting in the identity, mental, and emotional levels, the barriers between the people of different nations will begin to soften and blur. 

This means that in the physical level, there will be, in the beginning, less and less conflict between various nations, but there will also be a sense that we could cooperate more, and all would gain an advantage of this. In a sense, the EU is, at least a beginning attempt to create this state of greater cooperation between nations. You could say, in a certain way, that the EU is the beginning of an era that is not dominated by nation states. 

I have given dictations before that as we move into the Golden Age, nation states will eventually disappear completely. There is a potential that there can be certain nations who have some similarities of culture or background, way of thinking, way of looking at life. They can begin to cooperate more or even to merge. 

There is a potential, for example, for the three Scandinavian nations that have relatively similar languages and culture. However, as you can see, this potential has not been realized even though the Scandinavian nations have been free for a long time, and have also been fairly well developed nations. The same with the Baltic nations – you have very different languages and somewhat different cultural differences than the Scandinavian countries, but you could still see greater cooperation because you have approximately the same size, you have many ties, many similarities, and you would obviously have a much greater impact internationally if you could forge tighter bonds between you. You could have a stronger voice in the EU if you had a greater number of people than you have individually. 

Nevertheless, it does not mean that this is the only way it can play out – that nations merge into one Baltic nation. It is certainly one scenario that is possible. But it could also be, as I said, that gradually these national boundaries begin to break down, and there can be certain regions where they begin to cooperate more, and therefore you do not necessarily have a need to officially merge certain nations. 

In the Baltic nations, you would have a problem of language right away that would be a major issue to solve. The question is whether you actually have the resources where it would be economically feasible to merge into one nation, given the language problem. Even if you could set aside any cultural or political disagreements, or historical disagreements, just the language barrier could make it not the most practical solution. 

There could be alternatives to this over time, where again as I have said before, there simply will have to come a point where the EU will realize that if it is to go to the next level, it needs to have one common language, and that common language needs to be English. If all nations would teach their children two languages – their national language, and English – then all nations could cooperate. 

In the more long term, that could be what allows certain nations to merge without the language barrier. You could potentially say that England and Ireland are separated by the language barrier, but nevertheless, they are still closer to being able to communicate. I am not necessarily looking at a merging of England and Ireland. It is more likely that Scotland would actually secede from that union and join the EU, but you could definitely see that, as there was a common language, then nations could begin to either merge, or cooperate in a greater way where it does not really matter that they have different nationalities.

Now, of course, you could also come to that point where the language barrier is removed, that nations would say: “But it would actually be an economical advantage if we had one country, one national government, one national bureaucracy, one national police force, and so on.” This is one scenario that could play out. 

In the short term, it is not realistic to create one Baltic nation, and that is not my primary concern. Then again, of course, as we move more into the Golden Age consciousness, there can come these shifts where suddenly an issue that seemed to be filled with insurmountable obstacles now is seen in a new light. The obstacles are suddenly seen as not being so insurmountable at all, but we can actually solve them fairly easily, and we can get advantage from solving them. Suddenly, things that seemed unrealistic a few years ago can now become a realistic scenario. 

Truly, my attitude, my view of Europe, is a very positive, a very optimistic view where I do not have one fixed scenario. I actually look forward to seeing how different nations, different groups of people, are going to grow into the Golden Age consciousness. They may struggle for some time, but they will eventually rise above those struggles, and it will become a much more positive attitude, a much more positive consciousness in Europe. People will look at the future with a new sense of optimism that truly is realism. The realism that transcendence is always possible and that Europe, given its background and history, is one of the areas in the world where the potential for transcendence is the greatest.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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