Changing Society

Violence against women
Phenomenon of trolling
Lessons behind the corona crisis
Duality in the golden age
Involvement of young people in the climate change issue
Leadership in the golden age
How to change the educational system?
Communities in the Golden Age
Relationships in the Golden Age
Ownership in the Golden Age
The educational system needs to be constantly adjusted and adapted as the consciousness is raised
A new language for a new generation
The teachings about the history of the planet earth in a fiction book form?
The average level of collective consciousness of the planet
English will be the common language in the Golden Age
The spiritual cause of refugees crisis and other problems in the affluent nations
Hidden cause of the growing number of homeless people is elitism
The complexities and timetables of manifesting a golden age
Why can’t we just focus on ourselves?
The Panama Papers
Free energy
The original inhabitants decide the fate of the earth
Are violent revolutions and protests necessary?
Saint Germain’s vision for a golden age government that is not dominated by an elite
Perpetuating or breaking spirals of violence in society
Higher role models based on taking a stand for principles
Can dialectical materialism or socialism ever bring social justice?
Can socialism help remove poverty?
The need to teach children how to master the psyche
God governance in the golden age
The spirit brings change in all areas of society
Why haven’t spiritual movements had a greater impact on society?

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New answers


We are putting answers from the Liberate Women webinar on the Ascended Master Answers website.

Some answers talk about the Corona situation.

Click here.





Webinar instead of Kazakhstan and U.S. conferences


I have updated the events page with new information about the webinars for this summer/fall. More detials will follow shortly.





Sound files webinar


The sound files for the Holland 2020 webinar are now on the subscribers website, in a folder named Women2020.



Webinar times and last call to sign up


For practical reasons, we will not be selling access to the webinar after midnight CEST Friday, May 29th, so if you are planning to attend but have not yet purchased the webinar, please do so before then.
Apparently there has been some confusion about the time difference, so I wanted to clear that up.
The times given for the webinar are based on the time in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is on central European summer time (CEST), which is UTC +2.
The easiest way to figure out the time difference between your location and CEST is to search for time zone converter, or use this link:
Enter your home town first, then enter Copenhagen and the program will give you the time for both locations so you can figure out the difference.

Webinar important info


As of today, Tuesday, June 26th we have sent emails to those who have purchased the webinar for the liberation of women.

If you purchased the webinar and if you have not received the email, please look in your spam folder.

Then, email Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


NOTE: If you have received the email, you do not need to email me.


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