A basic understanding of how the universe was created

By Kim Michaels


The ascended masters teach that we – meaning both us here in the material realm and the masters in the spiritual realm – live inside a cosmic unit, called a “world of form.” Our particular world of form is one among numerous others. 


Outside a world of form is another level, which the masters call the “Allness.” However, the Allness cannot be accurately described by any of the words and concepts found in our world of form, and thus the masters have said little about it. However, there are beings in the Allness, and they generally present themselves as representing certain divine qualities, such as unconditional love or infinite light.


A world of form is created by an individual being, who has reached a level of consciousness that is beyond even the ascended master level. This being is called the Creator; what most people call God. The Creator started the process of creating our world of form by defining a spherical boundary around itself, thereby creating a sphere that was set apart from the Allness. The reason for this is that in the Allness, it is not possible to have the experience that you are a separate being or that there are separate forms.


Once the boundary was defined, the Creator contracted its being and consciousness into a singularity in the center of the sphere. This means that the rest of the sphere became empty, it became a void with no differentiated forms.


The Creator now defined a substance out of its own being. This substance is what the ascended masters call the Ma-ter light, but we can also see it as a form of energy. It is an energy that has no vibration, but it has the potential to take on any vibration, any form.


The Creator now projected the Ma-ter light out from the singularity and created a sphere inside the void. This sphere was filled with energy that vibrated within a spectrum of frequencies that was much higher than what we see in the material world. 


The Creator then created certain structures in the first sphere. They were comparable to, but not identical with, the galaxies, solar systems and planets we see in our world. These structures were created by the Creator forming a mental image in its mind and then projecting it upon the basic energy in the sphere, the Ma-ter light. The energy then flowed into or took on the vibrations of the matrix superimposed upon it.


The Creator now created a number of self-aware beings and sent them into the first sphere, where they took on “bodies” made from the same energies as the rest of the sphere. These first self-aware beings were created out of the consciousness or Being of the Creator. Thus, in reality, they were not separated from the Creator. Yet they were created with a point-like or localized sense of self-awareness, meaning that they identified themselves as individual beings existing in an environment that was different from themselves. They also had no direct perception of the Creator, although they had an inner sense of being connected to something outside their individual selves. They saw themselves very much as we see ourselves: with a clear distinction between “self” and “other.”


These first self-aware beings were designed to be co-creators. They had the same creative abilities as the Creator, meaning they could form mental images and project them upon the Ma-ter light. By experimenting with this ability, the co-creators gradually attained mastery over their environment, and they began building on to the structures defined by the Creator.


Through this co-creative process, these beings became more aware; they expanded their localized sense of self. They started realizing that they could co-create much better structures by cooperating with each other, and they started realizing that their basic power came from the Creator. Thus, they gradually overcame the distinction between “self” and “other.” They started realizing that all self-aware beings are extensions of the Creator’s Being. Thus, each being is one with its source, and all beings are one with each other. Even the Ma-ter light is an extension of the Creator’s Being, meaning that all is One.


As they began awakening to their true identity, the first co-creators raised the vibrational level of the first sphere, until it reached its highest potential. At that point, the first co-creators became the first ascended masters, having now mastered self and having mastered their environment.


After the ascension of the first sphere, the Creator defined a new sphere inside the void. It was again created from the Ma-ter light, but its base energy was slightly denser than that of the first sphere. The ascended masters from the first sphere then defined certain structures in the second sphere. They then sent extensions of themselves into the second sphere, to take on bodies made from the energies of that sphere.


The second-generation co-creators also went through the process of raising their self-awareness and co-creating within their sphere. They eventually brought the second sphere to the ascension point, whereby they also became ascended masters.


The Creator then created a third sphere, that was even denser than the second sphere. The ascended masters from the second sphere created structures within it. They then sent self-aware extensions of themselves into the third sphere, and the process repeated itself.


This process has now gone through several levels, and we live inside what is the seventh sphere created inside the original void. Our sphere is also created from the Ma-ter light, but it is even denser than the previous spheres. This means it has become easier to believe that we are not only individual beings, but that we are separate beings—separated from each other, from our environment and from our source.


Nevertheless, we are still individual extensions of the One Mind and Being of the Creator. We have the same capacity for co-creation, by formulating mental images and projecting them upon the Ma-ter light. We are also co-creators, and our task is to use our co-creative abilities to raise the vibration of our entire sphere, until it too ascends and becomes part of the spiritual realm.


Yet our purpose here is not only to raise our sphere. Our real purpose is to raise our self-awareness until we too can ascend and become ascended masters. At that point, we have become immortal beings, and we can now continue to expand our self-awareness until we reach the same level as that of our Creator. At this point we can become Creators, who can create our own worlds of form. In fact, the entire purpose for creating a world of form is to create a platform that can serve as the incubators for Creators. We are Creators in the making, or as Jesus put it: “Ye are Gods.”


We go through this growth in consciousness by starting out with a point-like self-awareness and gradually expanding it to the all-encompassing self-awareness of the Creator level. We do this by taking on “bodies” made from the densest “stuff” in our sphere, identifying with them and thus forgetting our spiritual origin. We then gradually awaken to the realization that we are not material but spiritual beings. It is through this push-pull of forgetting and awakening – of immersion and awakening experiences – that we grow in self-awareness.





Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels


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New program Mother Mary's 500 vigil Korea


There is now a new program for the Mother Mary's 500 vigil, which will be focused on korea.

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American conference for 2018


Aligning America with The Mind of Saint Germain

North American gathering with the ascended masters and messenger Kim Michaels, to be held September 27-30, 2018, at the Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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Another conference for 2017


We are happy to announce a new conference that will take place in Estonia this coming December:


Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe

International conference with the ascended masters and Kim Michaels

Tallinn, Estonia, December 01.-03. 2017


This is a great opportunity for all those who have lived in a former Soviet republic or Warsaw pact country (in this or previous lifetimes) to make a contribution to healing the wounds from that time and help not only some countries, but all of Europe and Russia to move forward and leave the past behind.


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Last Korea dictation posted


I have now posted the transcription of the last dictation from the conference in Korea.

I will be taking a break from editing dictations because I need to make invocations for some of these dictations so the Korean team can publish them as a book. I also have a book to finish.

The Korean Team has started two courses as both online and in-person courses. They are:

Course 1 - The Path to Self-mastery: 63 persons 

Course 2 - Master Keys to Personal Christhood: 42 persons

So there is a lot of activity in Korea and we look forward to seeing what changes that brings in the nation.



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