Hearing scary voices

TOPICS: Some voices can be a warning - scary voices can be from dark forces - use spiritual protection -

Question: Why do I sometimes hear inner voices that scare me or give me chills?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Your Christ self will speak to you as the still small voice in your heart, and there is nothing scary or chilling about that. Your spiritual teacher, which could be any member of the ascended masters including myself, can also speak to you through your Christ self, which is the open door that no human can shut but which many people ignore.

On certain occasions, members of the ascended masters, often a person's guardian angel, will seek to warn a person that he or she is about to make a mistake, have an accident or is going in the wrong direction. Such a warning can indeed be a wake-up call to the lifestream and some people are scared by this. However, it can sometimes be necessary to scare the lifestream to awaken it because the alternative would be that the person might die or make a severe mistake that will be detrimental to his spiritual progress.

There are, however, some people who hear voices that do not come from the ascended masters but from lower forces. These forces will often use fear to manipulate people into making mistakes that cause them to misqualify energy or surrender to the control of dark forces. So if you occasionally hear a voice that speaks strictly as a warning, that voice is likely to come from the ascended masters, even if it does seem scary. Yet if you consistently hear scary voices, then you are most likely under attack by dark forces, and you need to apply a vigorous spiritual defense, as explained elsewhere.





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