The historical and modern art and the fallen beings

Question:This question is about looting artefacts. In the past fallen beings looted many artefacts especially being obsessed with paintings that were recognized as great masterpieces in human history. They looted the paintings and removed them to specific locations in other countries or claimed them privately. Is there any reason for the fallen beings to loot artefacts? And many of the paintings they looted aren't historical paintings.  Are there any differences between the energy of historical paintings and the energy of non-historical paintings?  If so, do fallen beings get energy from those paintings?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019. 

Well my beloved the fallen beings are primarily driven by this desire to be special, to have something that the population doesn't have. This is what drives them to hoard not only artwork but also money, property, power and so forth. They don't really get energy from the paintings themselves because very few artists are able to really receive the light from above that can be captured in a piece of artwork. Even if there is artwork that is sponsored by an ascended master, then we can turn off that light if it falls in the hands of fallen beings. Now if you talk about the difference between historical paintings and modern paintings, well there is no general answer to this because it is individual based on the artist and the art. Much of the historical paintings that you find in the museums around the world or for that matter in private collections are not really of particular significance in today’s age. For example, you can see that some of the artwork produced during the Middle Ages in Europe that depict these very dark scenes of hell or other dark visions were outcomes of what was happening in that age. You will see that many modern paintings are also the expression of certain things that are going on in the modern state of consciousness.

There are of course even in today’s age artists who are able to receive more not only ideas but also light from the ascended realm. So that is an individual matter. I can assure you that from an ascended perspective, probably 90% of the artwork you find in the museums around the world could be taken out and not even shown to the people. Because the question really is: “Does a piece of art have the ability, have the sort of geometrical matrix at an energy level – that it can interact with the energy field of the viewer and produce an uplifting, inspiring experience?” There is much artwork that produces a depressing, downward experience because it takes people's energies down. It would be better for people if that kind of artwork was not displayed publicly. So you can say that if the fallen beings bought that kind of artwork, well it really doesn't harm the people.


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