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Students of this website have created a community website for the purpose of being able to contact and help each other. 

I am happy to see this initiative and glad to link to the site.

I am not the creator of the site and do not control it in any way, as I believe in an Aquarian style leadership that allows individual initiative.

Kim Michaels

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Los Angeles Conference 2015


July 17-19, 2015 – Los Angeles Area

You may pay for the conference and workshops with a credit or debit card via a secure portal on the internet using Square Up.  

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Include your name, the names of anyone you want to register, and whether you want to pay half price to hold your seat for the conference (with the balance due at the door) or if you want to pay full price.  Include how many workshops you would like to attend, if any (see details below).  

You will be sent an invoice, via email, that you can pay online through a secure portal. Once you pay, you will receive a receipt for that payment.  

Price: $300, which includes continental breakfast, water, tea, and snacks.  NOTE: We have waived the late fee in order to make it easier for people to register last minute.

Conference begins Fri. evening, July 17, 2015 from 5:30-9:30 pm.  Saturday is from 10:30-9:30 pm, and Sunday 11 am – 5 pm.

On Monday and Tuesday, after the conference, there will be Four Mini Workshops, three hours in duration each.  The morning sessions will be from 11-2 pm.  The afternoon sessions will be from 4-7 pm.  The workshops are $50 each, if paid by June 1st, and $65 each, after that date.

Topics for the after conference mini workshops will include:  Prosperity and Abundance; Honoring The Body Temple as Your Vehicle For Enlightenment; Climbing the 144 Levels to Christ Consciousness; What The Aquarian Age Mindset and Communities Will Look Like.


For those flying into LAX, you are better off taking the train from LAX to downtown for $5 versus paying $60 or more for a ride. The end destination of all trains is downtown.  Ask at the information booth downtown what Metro Train you need to take to get to Glendale, then head to the correct track.  Glendale is the first stop going North, after downtown. Once you arrive at the Glendale station, you can either walk the mile to the Americana on Brand or take an Uber cab using the Uber app.  It’s cheaper than a regular cab and you don’t have to tip the driver.  It will only cost a few dollars.

For those flying into Bob Hope/Burbank Airport, the train station is a short block away.  It would, however, be a lot less hassle to take an Uber cab directly to the Americana on Brand. It will cost between 7-10 dollars. it's a direct shoot versus taking the train and then calling an Uber cab to take you to the Americana, if you don't want to walk the mile.


There are a wide variety of affordable places to dine for lunch and dinner at the Americana on Brand in Glendale, California, from Italian to Japanese to Mexican to American cuisine. My favorite is a wonderful crepe spot that has vegetable, meat or dessert crepes around $5.00. The venue at the Americana on Brand is beautiful with lots of love-filled positive energy befitting a conference on love.

There are two inns directly across the street from the Americana. In that this event is in the summer when these two inns are heavily booked; and the Americana on Brand is THE most popular spot in the area for dining, entertainment, shopping, movies, Barnes & Noble, The Coffee Bean, Cheese Cake Factory, etc., I recommend reserving a room before getting your airline ticket. You can always find another airline but once the rooms are booked for the summer, there are no other options in walking distance.

The Roadway Inn is only $65 a night with no amenities and only 29 rooms, so it will fill up first.  The Vagabond Inn offer more amenities, like a swimming pool and suites. Their rooms start at $120 a night with approximately 35 rooms available.   

Below are the links to obtain reservations for both inns:……/vagabond-inn-glendale.aspx

Rodeway Inn Hotel in Glendale CA - Hotel near Universal Studios

NOTE: Deposits and payments are non-refundable, should you fail to show up.




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Questions and answers about world issues

In this section, you find teachings about a variety of world issues, including historical events and current affairs. This includes how to change society, natural disasters, man-made atrocities, the economy and the power elite. You will also find answers to questions about specific nations.

Use the buttons on the left to go to the section that interests you. Then select a particular question and answer from the list.

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New website about evil


I have created a new website explaining the origin and methods of evil (the fallen beings).

I hope you will recommend this site to others and help promote it.

In creating the site, I have been mindful of the fact that most people today surf the net on phones or tablets so I have attempted to keep the articles relatively short.

It has not been my intent to give people all of the information about evil but to give them a good overview.

I hope this site can inspire others to create sites that relate the teachings of the ascended masters to specific topics.

The site is created in Wordpress, which I think is the easiest way to create a website. There is a lot of free manuals or Youtube videos about how to use Wordpress.


Conference update USA and Estonia


The hotel for the American conference has changed.

We are once again having a conference in Estonia in late November and early December.

For mor einformation on both conferences, click here.

Kazakstan sound files, 2018


I just got home from our very joyful and well-organized conference in Kazakstan and want to express my deep appreciation for the people who organized it and to all who participated.

I have put the sound files of the dictations, questions and answers and one hour-lomg chanting session on the subscriber website.

The files are in a folder named KAZAKSTAN 2018.



Dictations from Estonia conference


I have (at last) proofread and posted all of the dictations from the conference in Estonia in December.


You can find a list of them on this page.



Holland 2018 sound files


The sound files from our very profound Holland conference are now on the subscriber's site.


The files are in a folder named HollandConference2018DivPlan.



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