The truth about heaven and hell

TOPICS: Different levels of vibration - material realm, spiritual realm, hell - many types of energies interpenetrate the same space - why places with higher or lower vibration - everything created from Christ consciousness - only begotten son - hell was not created by God - hell created by beings who rebelled against God - many levels of hell - why hell is said to be hot and have fire - hell is based on a lie - hell is upheld by humans feeding it energy - hell has no reality - religions misuse the concept of hell -

Question: What is the truth about heaven and hell?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Throughout our websites, you will find the teachings that everything is made from energy and that energy is vibration. There are different levels of vibration, and one might say that there are three main levels. The level that all human beings can detect with the physical senses is what we call the material world. This realm is made from energies that vibrate within a certain frequency spectrum, as explained elsewhere.

Beyond the material realm is the spiritual realm, which is made of energies that vibrate at higher frequencies than the energies found in the material realm. There are a number of levels in the spiritual realm, going all the way up to the ultimate vibration, which is the level of the Creator. 

You must understand that the old linear model, which was based on the human senses, is no longer adequate in a world that realizes everything is made from energy. Heaven is not literally located in the direction of the sky. Heaven is made from vibrations that exist in the same space as the vibrations of the material realm.

The room in which you are sitting is being penetrated by radio waves of different frequencies. Because the waves have different frequency levels, they can coexist in the same space without canceling each other out. So the energies of the spiritual realm and the material realm do indeed coexist in the same space. That is why there are places on earth that many people feel have a higher vibration than others. This is because there are localized areas where the vibration has been raised to such a level that the gap between the material and the spiritual worlds has become almost non-existent. One might say that the two realms overlap or that heaven has been brought to earth. One might also say that people are already in heaven—they simply don't see it because their consciousness is tuned in to the lower vibrations of he material realm.

Hell then is simply a realm made from energies that are lower than the energies in the material realm. As is the case with the spiritual realm, you can find places on this earth with a noticeably lower vibration than average. These are places where the material realm and the lower realm overlap. It is therefore literally true that certain places are hell on earth.

In reality, what scientists today call energy is really consciousness. The Gospel of John says that in the beginning was the Word and that everything was created out of the Word or Logos. The Word is the universal Christ consciousness, the universal Christ mind. This state of consciousness was the first element of creation, therefore one can call it the firstborn Son of God or the only begotten Son of the Father. Obviously, these words are only symbols that I used because, 2,000 years ago, people had no understanding of energy. Therefore, I could not have explained to them what I have just explained to you.

The universal Christ consciousness is the basic substance from which everything else was created. Therefore, the Christ consciousness is embodied in everything, and that is why every human being has the potential to follow in my footsteps and become a Christed being.

My point is that heaven is a state of consciousness, earth is a state of consciousness and Hell is a state of consciousness. The difference here is that the spiritual realm was created by God, and everything in the spiritual realm is in perfect alignment with the laws and the original vision of God.

earth was also created by God. However, because the inhabitants of earth were given free will, they have descended into a lower state of consciousness and forgotten their spiritual origin. Therefore, not everything on earth is in alignment with the laws and the vision of God. Humans have co-created a lower temporary state than the original state created by the Elohim.

The major difference between earth and Hell is that Hell was never created by God. I realize this is contrary to what is believed by most religious people but the explanation is that these people are still holding on to an image of Hell that was created in a more primitive time. As explained above, before people had an understanding of energy, there was simply no way to correctly explain Hell.

Hell is a state of consciousness that was created by a group of non-material beings who rebelled against God’s vision, God’s purpose and God’s laws. LINK In their pride and rebellion, they attempted to create a place in which God seemingly is not present. You see, God gave a number of beings free will. Whatever these beings do, they do with God’s energy, meaning that they change the vibration of that energy. God’s original vision was that the inhabitants of the material world would never qualify energy below a certain vibration. If that vision had been followed, the entire planet would have been in an upward spiral in which nothing would have broken down or decayed.

After these non-material beings started qualifying energy below the critical level, they started a negative spiral or vortex. At some point, human beings were tricked into entering a lower state of consciousness, which caused them to misqualify energy. Therefore, the energy vortex of Hell is being reinforced every time people engage in imperfect energies.

Hell has many levels of vibration, and new levels are being added by beings who are constantly rebelling against God and trying to generate lower vibrations. This can continue for a long time, and the vibrations can get quite low. However, there is a limit to how low the energies can become before they literally self-destruct.

One might say that the “fire” so often associated with Hell is a symbol of the existence of very low or dense energies. If you compress physical matter, it heats up and you will eventually have a nuclear reaction. Likewise, when you continue to lower the vibration of God’s energy, you will eventually create an explosive reaction that will “burn” the misqualified energy and thereby free it from the thoughtforms that kept it bound to that level of vibration. When that happens, the energy can be raised to a higher vibration and “recycled.”

In reality, the beings who created Hell are living a lie, they are living an illusion. As I just said, the universal Christ consciousness is in everything. You cannot create anything without using the universal Christ consciousness. The dark forces have managed to create a level that is entirely made of energy frequencies that are so low that God would never have created those frequencies. So from a certain viewpoint one might say that they have succeeded in creating a world where God’s Light and truth is not present. Yet this absence of God’s Light is but a temporary illusion that will continue to exist only as long as human beings continue to misqualify the Light of God and feed it to the dark forces who cannot receive it on their own.

As a summary, one might say that heaven was created by God and follows the original plan of God. The earth was created by God but is no longer in alignment with the divine plan. However, the earth has the potential to be brought into alignment with God’s law and therefore raised into its original purity. This will then bring heaven, meaning the consciousness of heaven, to earth.

Hell was never created by God and does not have the potential to be brought into alignment with God’s law and truth. The energies can be purified back to their original vibration. However, when that happens, Hell will simply disappear and be no more.

Whereas heaven and earth are real, Hell is simply a figment of a warped imagination. So how did the concept of hell come to be such a prominent force in religion? Well, as I said, Hell does exist and it has a temporary reality. If a person chooses to attune his or her consciousness to the consciousness of Hell, that lifestream will literally be magnetized to Hell after it leaves the physical body. So going to Hell is a real possibility for a lifestream.

However, it would be extremely beneficial for people to realize and accept that lifestreams are not sent to Hell as a punishment from God. Lifestreams literally send themselves to Hell by lowering their state of consciousness. It is your state of consciousness that determines whether your lifestream is magnetized to the vibrations of the spiritual realm or the vibrations of Hell.

There is a certain, although temporary, reality to the stories of Hell found in almost every religion. Yet I will be the first to admit that most religions have misunderstood and misused the concept of hell in order to generate fear among their followers and therefore scare them into following the outer rules and doctrines without questioning church authority.

Obviously, this is a misuse of the responsibility such authorities have, and in some cases certain religious leaders have actually misused their power to such a degree, that they ended up in the Hell that they so skillfully used as a tool for scaring their followers into submitting to their games of power and control.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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