Do the ascended masters communicate through psychics?

TOPICS: The intentions of psychics or mediums - a dangerous spiral - idolatry of a guru - masters only work with messengers who take responsibility for themselves - sometimes give brief messages through psychics -

Question: I am beginning to wonder if any of the working psychics and mediums are ever connecting to spirits in the spiritual realm, or if the majority are just dealing with astral spirits?  When you visit a psychic they usually give you messages from your supposedly true spiritual teachers and guides, but I am now beginning to wonder if our true spirit guides and teachers of God would ever communicate with us that way.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


As I have explained, this will depend entirely on the psychology of the psychic or medium. Yet why do people want to be psychics or mediums? In many cases it is because they have low self-esteem. This gives them a desire to be psychics or mediums so that others will admire them.


In some cases the lack of self-esteem even gives people the desire to have power over others by setting themselves up as an unquestionable authority, because the person is claimed to be the only one who is a medium for certain spirits. You will see some who claim to be exclusive messengers for the ascended masters, yet if you look objectively at their psychology, you will see this exact mechanism at play.


Any medium or psychic is at a certain level of consciousness. And if they have not taken full responsibility for themselves, they will become mediums for the kind of lower spirits that represent their own unresolved psychology. The spirits will then validate the medium's beliefs, so it seem like the person does not have to transcend them.


Such people will attract to themselves clients or followers who also do not want to transcend a particular level of consciousness. And together they will validate each other, forming a spiral from which it can be very difficult to break free. The reason is that once you accept the validation of a certain state of consciousness, you cannot see that it is based on an illusion. If you think the spirit that has validated your beliefs is a genuine ascended master, how will you ever question your beliefs?


This causes people to suspend critical thinking when it comes to a certain leader. Which explains why some people completely refuse to see their guru's unresolved psychology or problems with the guru's behavior. Just look at the New Age community and see how many people have this idolatry of a certain guru, even when the guru has blatantly misused his or her power.


This also explains why some people continue to point the finger at others and continually refuse to look at themselves. They have accepted the subtle illusions given to them by lower spirits, and thus they are firmly convinced that they are not violating God's law. And that is why they can be critical of others while being completely blind to the fact, that their critical state of consciousness is also a violation of God's law.


Would we ever communicate through a psychic? This is a complex issue, and it depends on what you mean with communication.


When you talk about giving extensive teachings, such as what you see on this website, the answer is no. We will work with someone as a messenger only when that person has been willing to take responsibility for his or her own state of consciousness. The exception can be a limited training period, where we do give a person an opportunity to become ready to accept this responsibility. Yet in the long run, we simply cannot work with a person who continues to direct blame or criticism at others, because experience over the centuries has shown that it leads such people to misuse their power, which creates karma for both them and us.


We will sometimes give a short message to a person through a medium, psychic or channeler. However, this is only done when a person is unreachable in any other way. In other words, if a person had opened his or her mind – for example by using the tools and teachings on our website – we would have been able to give the person a message directly from within. Yet if the person does not have this opening and is at a critical stage on the path, we can sometimes give a brief message through a psychic, as going to a psychic does demonstrate that the person is open to something beyond its normal mental box.


Please understand, that this should in no way be taken to mean that I encourage people to go to psychics. The law is that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The problem being that sometimes people are ready subconsciously but their conscious minds are not open. And in such cases, we can be allowed to use untraditional means for getting a brief message through to a person.


Obviously, for people who are aware of this website, I encourage them to make use of the tools and teachings for opening their inner communication. In fact, if after reading this answer you still decide to go to a psychic, I can assure you that you will only attract lower spirits. For we have on our websites given you everything you need in order to get communication from us directly from within—without having to go through an external source. This is not to say you cannot benefit from an outer teaching. Yet you must recognize that the real purpose of the outer teaching is to open up your personal communication with us.


The trick is that this can happen only after you take responsibility for yourself. Which means you are willing to make decisions based on your current knowledge and level of consciousness when it comes to all personal matters. Incidentally, this is a distinction that many spiritual people fail to make.





Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels

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