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TOPICS: Psychiatrists are only a threat if you want them to be - looking for an adversary - an excuse for not being the Christ - your inner struggle will go on until you change your mind - strive for balance - psychologists ideally do not judge your spiritual beliefs - some psychologists are fanatical - an adversary is a product of your state of mind - being the Christ does not require taking an unbalanced stand -

Question: I have a very important question. When we look at history we can see that many times people were attacked very aggressively for their beliefs. For example thousands or millions of people who were burned alive at the stake. Also in Hitler's germany maybe even millions of people which were killed. Also concentration camps.

And now maybe in the more civilized world: psychiatrist?
Are psychiatrists a threat to us?

I had a very uncomfortable situation when I talked about miracles which
I experienced by using your teachings, techniques and those of other ascended masters. And one human hated me so much and told that I have a mental disease and I should be locked in a psychiatric hospital... and I begin
to think that maybe some time I will meet some psychiatrists. Maybe we students of spiritual teachings should be ready for this situation?

And there is an important question: Are psychiatrists a threat to us? Is
it proper for them to lock people in psychiatric hospitals for their miracles and spiritual beliefs, which for many people seem so strange even sick?
And how should we deal with this threat (if it is a threat)?
So how we can scream aloud from the rooftops to others when there is threat like that for us? How can we talk aloud about the God Kingdom like you? Is God a guard of our safety? Or maybe it is a risk and cost which we all for God's Kingdom and salvation have to have?  Maybe there are many risks and threats like that? And how do we overcome fear? Please explain this.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (August 10, 2010)


Let us approach this from the personal level and from the level of society, starting with the personal level.


If you, as a spiritual seeker, want to have psychiatrists be a threat to you, then you have – by the Law of Free Will – a perfect right to have that experience. Whatever mental image you project into the cosmic mirror will eventually be reflected back to you in the form of material circumstances.


As we have mentioned many times and from many different perspectives, some spiritual seekers are still stuck in, or at least partially blinded by, the epic mindset. In this frame of mind you are deliberately – but unknown to your conscious mind – seeking for an adversary whom you can appoint as a threat, so that you have an excuse for not taking full responsibility for your own state of mind. For example, the subconscious belief might be that you cannot be at peace or express your Christhood because certain outer conditions are not met. And they are not met because the adversary is opposing the "perfect" conditions in which you could be at peace or be the Christ. Thus, you have an excuse for focusing on battling the adversary instead of manifesting and expressing your Christhood—which must be done regardless of any outer conditions, as ALL material conditions oppose the expression of Christhood.


In reality, there is no such adversary, but because the world is currently so affected by the dualistic mindset, you can always find a seeming adversary. The reason being that you are the one who is creating the mental image of an archetypal adversary. And because you are not willing to take responsibility for your state of mind, you convince yourself that there really is an adversary who is ready to pounce on you at any moment, completely independently of your state of consciousness.


As you project this mental image upon the society in which you live, there will eventually be someone who will seem to confirm the validity of your image—and thus you will appoint that person or group of persons as your personal adversary. The more you "struggle" with the adversary, the more it will seem as if the adversary is struggling back (and in some cases the adversary may actually be struggling back because the people in the group are also stuck in the dualistic mindset). Thus, everything the adversary does seems to confirm your mental image that this really is your adversary.


How long must this struggle go on? Well, since your part of the struggle is truly taking place inside your mind, it must go on until you decide that you have had enough of this experience and therefore decide to rethink the mental images you are projecting out. As was recently said in another answer, some people have turned their own government into an adversary, and this struggle can never bring about the Golden Age.


No spiritual teacher can persuade you that your struggle exists only in your mind until you are willing to take a critical look at the way you perceive life, meaning that you see life through the filter of the dualistic mindset in which there must be an adversary. This can then bring about the realization that your perception of life is not a passive activity of seeing external conditions that exist independently of your mind. It is an active activity through which you project mental images into the cosmic mirror, which can only reflect them back in the form of what seems like external conditions. This has been proven by quantum physics for those who are willing to "see" beyond their perception.


Of course, as was explained elsewhere, perception is born of a certain mental state, and once the Conscious You identifies itself based on that mental state, it "sees" through the filter of the ego. And the ego itself can never question the mental state out of which it was born. Thus, the ego will never transcend the mental state of wanting an adversary. Which means that the only escape is for the Conscious You to recognize that it is pure awareness and thus beyond not only your ego's perception but also the mental state from which it springs.


If you study this website carefully, you will see that I repeatedly caution spiritual seekers to strive for balance and to avoid extremes. And if you follow this advice, then psychiatrists will not become an actual threat to you and you will not be in danger of being "locked in a mental institution." The reason is simple. A psychiatrist who is following his or her training will not be evaluating your actual spiritual or religious beliefs, as the psychiatrist is trained to see all beliefs as the product of the mind (which, as I have just explained, is not incorrect for a person who has not yet attained Christ consciousness).


Thus, while you or certain people around you may find your spiritual beliefs strange, a professional psychiatrist will not even look at them but will focus on your behavior. Only if there is a clear link between your spiritual beliefs and unbalanced or extreme behavior, will your beliefs become an issue. And even then, a psychiatrist will not have an issue with your beliefs but will address them only in an effort to curb unbalanced behavior.


I am, of course, here talking about psychiatrists who are true to their professional training. According to which all beliefs are a product of the mind, meaning that even the belief that there is no God is a product of the mind. Of course, there are some psychiatrists who cannot maintain this professional distance and who themselves have come to believe that the belief in materialism is not a belief but represents a reality. And such "religious" materialists may become as fanatical as "religious" religious people.


Yet my point here is that my recommendation for all spiritual seekers is to strive for balance, which truly means transcending the dualistic mindset and the epic struggle. If you allow yourself to maintain the epic mindset, then in this dawning of the Aquarian age, you will be "forced" by the growth in the collective consciousness to take your epic mindset further and further into extremes in order to maintain it. And this will indeed lead to unbalanced behavior that might attract the attention of councillors, psychologists, psychiatrists or even law-enforcement personnel.


If you then respond to such situations from the epic mindset, you will appoint these professionals – who are by and large simply trying to do their job – as your new adversaries, and you will then use your epic beliefs to justify even more unbalanced behavior. This can indeed lead to a negative spiral that might end up with you in a mental institution or in jail (in extremes cases it can even lead to people committing what is known as "police-assisted suicide"). I would prefer that those who are true students of this website avoid such a spiral. Of course, I bow to the Law of Free Will and your need to have any experience you desire in order to transcend the epic mindset. Some people truly have to take this mindset to an extreme before they realize that they no longer want to fight an adversary—and thus decide to let go of the mindset that creates the adversary (and thereby "forces" the cosmic mirror to send them a physical adversary).


I realize some will point to my own life or the previous lives of other ascended masters, and say that being the Christ means taking an uncompromising stand. Yet taking a stand for truth is NOT the same as unbalanced or extremist behavior. There are indeed many people who have taken an uncompromising stand and have been persecuted for it, but if you look closely, you will see that they did not take their stand based on an unbalanced state of mind. Likewise, you will find many people who have been firmly convinced that they were taking a stand for higher principles, but in reality they were driven by the ego's need to either fight someone or to elevate itself above others.


In other words, the outer action of taking a stand can be driven by both the Christ mind and the egoic mind. And only those who strive for balance will avoid walking into a trap set by their egos and thus "taking a stand" for their own mental images rather than a higher truth. What is the difference? Well, as one measure you might look at people's willingness to forgive those who persecute them. Those driven by ego are involved in the dualistic struggle and will project responsibility and blame outside themselves—thus being unwilling to forgive (Indeed it is the ego's desire to project responsibility outside itself that drives them to take a stand.). Those who truly come from the Christ mind will indeed be willing to forgive, as in my statement: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." You might also study the life of Thomas More and how he had nothing but forgiveness towards the egoic king who sentenced him to death.


We are now moving into an age, where it will become increasingly possible to take a stand for truth without going into extremist behavior. In other words, even though other people or even society at large may consider your viewpoints extreme, your behavior does not need to be extreme. In fact, in this age, you will have a greater impact by taking a stand in a balanced way and teaching a balanced – as opposed to what will be seen as a fanatical – approach to spirituality. History has seen plenty of religious fanatics. What is needed in the Aquarian age is people who can elucidate spiritual principles in a way that the population can understand and relate to because it resonates with – and thus awakens – something within them.




Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

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