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TOPICS:  Dark forces seek to create a struggle between relative opposites - spiritual people can get drawn into this struggle - ends can justify means leads to fanaticism - slave of your attention - people can authorize the masters to remove evil - being non-attached brings judgment - evil springs from ignorance - ignorance is separation from God - no evil act was ever committed - Christ does not judge based on relative standard -

Question: Beloved Jesus the Christ, I absolutely love everything I've read in Kim's books thus far, but do have questions about evil. In "The Christ is Born in You" on page 214, it says that humans cannot remove evil from earth. I do understand the comparison to that of removing darkness in a room and that it only comes by bringing light (it makes sense). However, don't some spiritual movements tell individuals something similar to this, in regard to evil? Or is it that we (humans) cannot remove darkness from earth, but our decrees and raised consciousness provide light and opportunities for the ascended masters to remove evil from astral plane which will also remove it from the physical octave leaving a void which we need to fill with light?

Also, You had mentioned that no evil act was ever committed on this planet. I was wondering about the Fall of Lucifer and the other angels who took on human form; isn't their intention to prevent the Sons and Daughters of God from realizing their Christhood and attaining union with their I AM Presence? Then the plot and conspiracy against, not only the youth, but all children of God seems to be a conscious choice of using free will to knowingly do evil (that which is not in accordance with God's Laws), and not necessarily acts performed out of ignorance. It seems as if the Fallen Angels knew, and still know, exactly what they are doing, and that it is not ignorance from the dualistic mind by which they act. Obviously my reasoning is incorrect somewhere because You did mention that no evil act was ever committed on earth, so what is missing in my understanding of this particular topic?
Thank You very much for Your time and for clearing this up for me, I sincerely appreciate it. 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

One of the main messages on my website is that human beings have descended into a state of consciousness in which they look at everything through the filter of relative opposites. One pair of opposites that give people a distorted view of reality is the opposites of good and evil.

As explained in many places on this website, there are dark forces who are seeking to deceive humankind. One of the primary weapons used by these dark forces is to create two opposing forces, one which represents relative good and one which represents relative evil. The dark forces then seek to deceive people into supporting one of these opposites.

Therefore, people give their lives and their energy to fight for a cause that was never God's cause to begin with. It was, from the very beginning, a cause that sprang from the relative opposites of good and evil, and therefore it had nothing to do with the cause of absolute good pursued by the ascended masters.

The problem you see through the ages is that many well-meaning and spiritual people have allowed themselves to become drawn into this conflict between relative good and evil. Many of these people are eager to do God’s work, and they realize that there is a force on this planet that opposes God's will. They therefore begin to think that it is their high and Holy calling to fight against evil and that in so doing they are advancing God’s cause on earth. The problem here is that these people easily become tricked into adopting the basic paradigm of evil forces, namely that the end can justify the means.

These people often become fanatical and develop anger and hatred against evil. In so doing, they misqualify God’s energy. As I explain throughout this website, the dark forces can survive only because they trick people into misqualifying God’s energy and steal that energy. So even when people think they are fighting for the cause of good, the misqualification of energy will actually support the cause of evil.

It was my hope that, through the parable of trying to remove darkness from a room, people would see through this fallacy. It is a simple fact that human beings are slaves of their attention. Whatever you focus your attention upon will receive the energies streaming through your consciousness. I am not thereby saying you should ignore evil. I am saying that if you focus undue attention on evil, and especially if you become angry or fearful, you misqualify the energies of God and thereby strengthen the very forces you think you are fighting. This ties in to my statement to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

This statement indicates that human beings cannot fight evil without becoming mixed up with evil. Therefore, people cannot remove evil from the earth. However, they can authorize the ascended masters to remove evil. The key to doing this is to remain non-attached to evil, and this is the true meaning of turning the other cheek. If someone harms you and you respond with negative emotions or seek revenge, you become karmically involved with that person. By making that choice, you make it impossible for us to step in to the situation. When you remain non-attached and turn the other cheek, you allow us to bring the judgment upon the other person. This will eventually remove darkness from the earth, whereas no amount of effort based on the dualistic mind will remove darkness—it will only reinforce that darkness.

One of the best ways to become harmless as a dove is to realize that what people are so quick to label as evil truly springs from ignorance. Once again, there is a very subtle distinction here. On one hand, you are quite correct that there are many dark forces, and many human beings, who knowingly rebel against the laws and the will of God. They know that they are violating the laws of God and that they are violating the law of free will by manipulating human beings.

From a certain viewpoint, it would be correct to label these acts as evil. In fact, I use that terminology in several places on this website. This use of the word evil is not incorrect, it simply reflects a certain level of understanding, a certain level of consciousness. It also reflects that words are inherently relative and therefore can have more than one meaning.

However, there is a higher understanding of this issue. When Lucifer rebelled against the laws of God, he obviously saw himself in opposition to God. In other words, he had created a sense of distance between himself and God. This then is the ultimate definition of ignorance. Ignorance is a state of consciousness in which you do not realize that you are created by God and created out of God’s substance, being and consciousness.

Ignorance causes a sense of separation from God, and this sense of separation is always an illusion. Without him was not anything made that was made. Nothing was ever created that was separated from God, and therefore no part of God can be apart from God. The sense of separation is the ultimate form of ignorance.

When you understand this, you see that ultimately even the rebellion of Lucifer sprang from ignorance. Ignorance is not evil in an ultimate sense. That is why one might say, although I admit this will be a provocative statement to many people, that no evil act was ever committed.

When you realize that you are one with God and that everyone else is one with God, you see that whatever you do, you do to yourself. If you realize that an act will harm yourself, then you simply will not commit that act. Therefore, if you truly know the reality that everything is God, you will never commit any of the acts which human beings call evil. No being will ever knowingly harm itself. So harming yourself, or another part of yourself, can only be done out of ignorance. In other words, it simply isn’t possible to have full knowledge of the reality of God and commit an evil act.

I realize that my statements in The Christ Is Born in You LINK will be provocative to many people. I gave those statements for the specific purpose of stirring people's preconceived opinions about evil. One might say that I should have given further details in the book, but one of the techniques that we use is to write a book about a specific topic but to insert a few remarks here and there that will help the more sensitive students pick up on an idea that will take them beyond the main topic. My remark that no evil act was ever committed on earth was precisely such a pointer, and the fact that you have picked up on it shows that you are a sensitive student who is ready for a higher understanding.

As I said earlier, many people have been tricked into fighting for a cause which they think is God's cause, but which is truly the cause of those who oppose God. Human beings are very quick to judge others based on some outer standard. In many cases that outer standard springs from the relativity of the dualistic mind, and therefore it can be far removed from or in complete opposition to the true standard of the Christ consciousness. It is only the universal Christ consciousness that judges righteous judgments. It does not judge based on appearances, as do people who are trapped in the relativity of the dualistic mind.

The Christ does not judge people and label them as bad or evil. The Christ consciousness realizes that all human beings are sons and daughters of God, so therefore they all have the potential to regain their true identity. A Christed person never judges any human being. One will judge acts and ideas and discern whether they are of God of whether they are in opposition to God. This is a righteous judgment, as opposed to the value judgments performed by human beings.

To truly work for the cause of light, you must rise above the relative judgments that spring from the dualistic mind. You do that by becoming wise as serpents and harmless as doves. A valuable tool for rising above the relative state of consciousness is precisely the teaching that all acts, which human beings label as evil, spring from ignorance. In fact, many of the acts which human beings label as good also spring from ignorance.

Once again, the key to true spiritual progress is to rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind and see the truth of the Christ consciousness. That truth simply will not fit into any of the mental boxes created by human beings. In many cases, Christ truth will neither fit into the mental box labeled evil nor the mental box labeled good. So the only way to know Christ truth is to think outside the box!


NOTE: You can also authorize the ascended masters to remove evil by using the decrees and invocations found on the Transcendence Toolbox website.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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