Why so difficult for people to accept their Christ potential?

TOPICS: Outer pressure from false teachers - inner pressure form the ego - people are reluctant to change - follow a gradual path - running away from what you fear - fear of Christ - you cannot use the dualistic mind to overcome the dualistic mind - only unconditional love of God consumes fear - the kaleidoscope of the mind - love naturally flows, so clear your mind of obstacles - divine love is not blind - Jesus is not a feel-good master - do not judge anything and do not tolerate everything - spiritual blindness -

Question: Why is it so difficult for the spiritual people of this world to accept that they are the Christ? It seems to me that the underlying cause is fear, and that fear is the Piscean legacy of the fallen angels. How do we love enough to overcome this fear which stands in the way of our Victory. How do we know that we have this obstacle, when it can manifest in so many subtle ways. Is there a yardstick that we can use to let us know that we are the victim of this Piscean planetary dweller of fear? Unless we are able to see this energy in ourselves and be able to overcome it by perfect love, we have no chance of becoming the Christ. Please give us the key to our freedom.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Let me answer your questions one at a time.


Q: Why is it so difficult for the spiritual people of this world to accept that they are the Christ?


This is difficult for two reasons:

  •  Outer pressure generated by the false prophets of this world. These are the prophets who have built the cult of idolatry around the outer person of Jesus Christ, saying that I was the only son of God and therefore the only one who could manifest Christhood. These false prophets have built an immense force, an immense beast, that has been running rampant in this world for 2,000 years, and actually for a lot longer. This force attacks people at the mental and emotional level and makes it very difficult for them to a accept the idea that they too are sons and daughters of God. Therefore, they have the potential to manifest Christhood and do the works that I did.
  •  The inner cause, namely a mechanism in human psychology. That cause is the person's pseudo self or human ego. This false self acts as an inner force, an inner beast, which also attacks the lifestream and seeks to make the lifestream think and feel that it does not have the supreme self-worth that comes from realizing and accepting that you are son or daughter of God. 
  • Another aspect of this inner cause is that when you recognize that you have the potential to manifest Christhood, you also recognize that your entire life and your entire outlook on life needs to change. For many people this would mean a complete turnaround in the way they look at themselves and the way they look at life. It would also mean that people have to make dramatic changes in how they live their lives. Because the pseudo self is always reluctant to make changes, it clings to what is familiar. Even if what is familiar leads to suffering, people are reluctant to make this complete turnaround in their beliefs and in their lifestyles. 

That is why the false prophets are so successful in selling people the dream of an outer, automatic road to salvation. This outer path is the way that seems right unto a man, as explained in a discourse that I consider essential.


In reality, the pressures from the outer enemy and the inner enemy are so great that it would be unrealistic to expect that anyone could instantaneously overcome them. That is why my website stresses the importance of following a gradual path. All you can do is to start at your present level of consciousness and then use the tools we give to gradually raise your level of consciousness, until you can finally begin to accept your Christhood and exercise that Christhood.

So there simply is no shortcut, there is no instantaneous solution, there is no magic wand that can instantly turn people into Christed beings.


Q: It seems to me that the underlying cause is fear, and that fear is the Piscean legacy of the fallen angels.


This is a correct assessment. As some modern psychologists are beginning to realize, there are only two basic emotions, namely love and fear. You want to get close to what you love, you want to attain union with what you love. And you want to get away from what you fear, you want to attain separation from what you fear. There are lifestreams that have rebelled against God’s law and God’s will for this universe. This rebellion started with Lucifer and spread to many other angels who followed him when he fell in a previous sphere. The goal and intent of Lucifer was to remove himself as far from God as possible and to create a world in which God is not found.

Lucifer for and his followers want to get as far away from God as possible, and this proves that they are motivated by fear. This desire to get away from God is also influenced by many of the feelings that originate in fear, such as pride and anger. Nevertheless, fear, or the sense of separation, the desire to get away from, is the primal emotion from which all negative human emotions originate.

The last 2,000 years represented an age in which people were meant to see and accept themselves as sons and daughters of God. Therefore, during these past 2,000 years, the fear of being or the fear of encountering the Christ has been the predominant fear on this planet. So you might well say that the fear of being the Christ is the legacy of the fallen angels for the Piscean age.

Q: How do we love enough to overcome this fear which stands in the way of our Victory?


The all-important lesson that I am trying to get across throughout this website is that once you have descended into and become trapped by the dualistic mind, you cannot use that state of consciousness to free yourself. In other words, you cannot solve a problem from the same state of consciousness that created the problem. You need an outer Savior who can show you the path, the inner path, whereby you can gradually regain your contact with the inner savior of your Christ self.

The key to overcoming fear is love, however it is not human love. Human love cannot overcome fear. What can overcome fear is the perfect love which casts out all fear. That perfect love is the unconditional love of God, and you can receive and experience that love only through your Christ self or through an outer teacher who has attained union with his or her Christ self.

This explains why there is no instantaneous salvation and no instantaneous process for obtaining Christhood. What prevents you from experiencing the perfect love of God are the false beliefs, the psychological wounds, and the negative energy that have accumulated in your subconscious mind, or your personal energy field. So to start the spiritual path that leads to Christhood, you must begin by doing the hard work of removing and resolving these obstacles. LINK

As a visual illustration, imagine that your consciousness is a kaleidoscope. Throughout your many embodiments in the dense state of consciousness that has dominated this planet for thousands of years, you have accepted many false beliefs, received many psychological wounds and generated some misqualified energy. This would be compatible to putting colored pieces of glass into the kaleidoscope of self. When too many colored pieces of glass have accumulated in the kaleidoscope, the pure light of God cannot shine through to your conscious mind. Therefore, you cannot experience the unconditional love of God which truly rains upon the just and unjust. This love is always available to you, but you either do not see it or you cannot accept that you are worthy to receive it.

The only way to break the stalemate is to systematically start removing the colored pieces of glass in the kaleidoscope of self. As you clear away the debris, you will gradually begin to experience the unconditional love of God, and as this love shines into your consciousness, the darkness of fear will naturally disappear. So the way to love enough and to overcome fear is to clear your consciousness, so that the unconditional love of God can flow through you.

You cannot produce love with the lower mind. You can allow your mind to be a pipeline through which the love of God can flow into this world.

Q: How do we know that we have this obstacle, when it can manifest in so many subtle ways. Is there a yardstick that we can use to let us know that we are the victim of this Piscean planetary beast of fear?


The most important commandment I gave was to love God with all your heart mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. The key to loving is to realize that I was not talking about human love. I was talking about divine love. Divine love is unconditional, and when you understand the meaning of the word “unconditional” you realize that divine love is not blind. Human love is centered around the lower self or the ego, and that is why it is blind. Divine love is unconditional and therefore it sees everything.

So when you have divine love, you are able to discern what is of God and what is not of God. Therefore, your love is not simply a soft, mushy, touchy-feely love. It is a discerning love, and that is why so many Christians have misunderstood my mission. So many Christians see me as a feel-good Master, when the scriptures themselves show me as a Master who directly challenged those who were out of alignment with the truth of God. When I challenged the lawyers, the Pharisees and the scribes, I was expressing divine love because I was telling these people that they could not continue in their ways but had to come up higher in consciousness. Yet at the same time I did not condemn or judge these people in a human way. I had no negative feelings towards these people, I was simply uncompromising in challenging that which was not of God.

So the best yardstick I can give you is to consider whether you love people with an unconditional love that is not blind. You should love people unconditionally, meaning that you do not judge them or look down upon them because they make mistakes or express imperfections. At the same time, you do not fall into the trap of thinking that loving someone means that you have to tolerate everything they do. You realize that true love means that you simply cannot let someone get away with hurting themselves or other people by violating the laws of God.

Q: Unless we are able to see this energy in ourselves and be able to overcome it by perfect love, we have no chance of becoming the Christ.


You are correct that is it is extremely important for people to be able to see any vestiges of fear and to see the human consciousness in themselves. This is described in my parable about seeing the splinter in your brother’s eye but failing to see the mote in your own. Yet there is no guaranteed way to make people see their own imperfections or decide to do something about them. In fact, the essence of the dualistic mind is that it makes you unable to see God's truth; it makes you spiritually blind.

Obviously, if a person is open to spiritual growth, that person can do much by simply deciding that he or she is willing to take a look in the mirror and make an effort to overcome that which is not in accordance with Christ love. Yet there is no way to force the lifestream to come to that point. Some lifestreams literally have to go through the school of hard knocks, and they will not wake up until they experience as severe crisis.

Q: Please give us the key to our freedom.


The key to your freedom is truly the perfect love which casts out fear. And the key to experiencing that love is to understand the difference between human and divine love. I have explained that difference in great detail elsewhere.




Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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