Helios and Vesta plus Alpha and Omega plus the trinity

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Question: What is the relation between Helios and Vesta /Alpha and Omega, El Shaddai, Brahman, and the Trinity?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


As explained elsewhere, Alpha and Omega are the supreme spiritual hierarchs of this unascended sphere. Helios and Vesta are the spiritual hierarchs who serve under Alpha and Omega. El Shaddai is an ancient name for God, which is what I call the Creator. This is what the Vedas call Brahman, as the supreme power that created the universe.

The Trinity is the first level of manifestation that leads to the creation of the world of form. The Father can be likened to the Creator or Brahman. The Son is the universal Christ consciousness out of which everything is created, called Vishnu in the Hindu trinity. The Holy Spirit is the creative force that is like a stream of energy which is constantly flowing from the center of the Creator through all levels of creation into the farthest levels of the world of form. It is constantly seeking to realign all energy with the purity and perfection of God. Hindus call it Shiva, or the destroyer of all that is unreal.


In reality, the Trinity should be expanded to encompass the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God. The Creator is the masculine aspect of God, and it forms a polarity with the feminine aspect of God. Out of their union, the Son, the universal Christ consciousness, is created. The Holy Spirit is the creative impulse that causes the Christ consciousness to flow into the various manifestations in the world of form.




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