Why do the ascended masters need to have council meetings?

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Question: Hi, I wanted to know why the ascended masters need to have council meetings.  If the masters are already all-knowing, then why can't they communicate with each other at the speed of thought? Why do they need to gather at council meetings to discuss things?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


We are not all-knowing in the sense that each of us has all knowledge in our individual awareness. We have access to the mind of God, which contains all knowledge, but the mind of God is so vast that only the Creator can contain all of the knowledge in its individual awareness. Thus, as ascended masters we each specialize in a certain field and we come together to supplement each other.

Furthermore, our work is related to helping unascended humans, and it is simply not possible to predict how people will choose to respond. Even God cannot predict with certainty how beings with free will use their creative powers. Thus, we draw upon our experiences from being in embodiment. None of us have embodied in all circumstances on earth, but together we cover a much wider field. Thus, by pooling our experience we can better help our unascended brothers and sisters.

Because we are beyond the ego, none of us assume we know everything that is needed in order to help humankind and thus we know that we need to “put our minds together.” This is also a cosmic requirement because even at our level it is necessary to come together in oneness in order to achieve maximum results. This keeps us humble and keeps us reaching for higher oneness with each other and with God—which is how we rise higher.

You ask why we do not simply communicate at the speed of thought, and although it is a logical question, it is asked from the human state of consciousness. You see, we also come together with the speed of thought, and thus one might say that we do not communicate over distance as humans do. We communicate by BEING together and sharing our Presence in oneness.

Another reason for being together is that we enjoy each other’s company. We enjoy experiencing how our individual flames interact and expand each other, thereby creating a whole that is more than any of us could achieve alone. This is also what we long to establish with people in embodiment. One might say that it is the underlying goal behind our websites, namely to give people a sense of oneness with the ascended masters.

This is also what we hope can be achieved when people come together for conferences where we communicate through our messengers. It is not so much about what we say as it is about attaining oneness with each other, which then opens up for oneness with us. Where two of three are gathered together in my name – meaning in the Spirit of Oneness (which is another name for the Living Christ) – there am I in the midst of them. You cannot attain a sense of oneness with us through the ego, so by seeking true oneness with other people, you set aside your ego which opens the door for oneness with us in a higher realm.

When we are together in council meetings, we always end with a simple ritual of appreciating our oneness, and it always raises us to a higher sense of oneness with God—which is the ultimate reward for being together. 





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