Judas Thomas

TOPICS: Jesus’ system of initiation - twin is a spiritual initiation -

Question: Was Judas Thomas Jesus’ biological twin brother?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Many things have both a material/literal and a hidden/spiritual meaning. I set up a system whereby my disciples could progress through different ranks that gradually brought them closer to being the Christ in embodiment.

Not all whom the scriptures call the brothers of Jesus were my biological brothers. As you applied yourself to discipleship under me, you would first attain the rank of brother of Christ, then bride of christ and finally, as Thomas did, twin of Christ.

When you become my twin, you have attuned your consciousness to mine to such an extend that I can literally speak and act through you. Thus, after my resurrection, I could speak and act through Thomas and, occasionally, some of the other disciples.

This is part of an ancient lineage of gurus/teachers/masters and chelas/students/disciples. The idea of this guru-chela relationship is that a student embodies the teaching of the guru to such an extent that he eventually becomes the teaching and therefore becomes the next teacher.

Unfortunately, this knowledge was lost in orthodoxy and as a result many people have been confused and have come up with erroneous theories concerning my relationship to my disciples.




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