Sanat Kumara and Maldek

TOPICS: Sanat Kumara has returned to Venus - Maldek a planet destroyed by war - masters wonder why human beings repeat the same patterns - Jesus is a result-oriented master -

Question: I’ve read that Sanat Kumara has become less involved with the planet. They say he left in the 1950's. I was wondering if Sanat Kumara is in disbelief that the planet he came to save could end turning into another Maldek.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


It is correct that Sanat Kumara has returned to Venus. However, this is a sign that the consciousness of humankind has been raised to a level so that his Presence is no longer needed on this planet.


Sanat Kumara is quite aware of what could potentially happen to any planet. It is precisely because of this awareness that he decided to descend to planet earth on a rescue mission. If he had not done so, this planet would already have been destroyed through the warring of human beings.

The planet Maldek was literally destroyed through the warring of its inhabitants. Although there is still a risk for war, even a major war, on earth, it is not likely that the entire planet will be destroyed through such a war.

As any other spiritual teacher, Sanat Kumara is somewhat in disbelief of how many times human beings have to go through the same experiences before they finally decide that they don't need to repeat those dysfunctional and self-destructive patterns. Although I have been in physical embodiment and have experienced how difficult it is to live on this planet, I have to say that I often find myself looking at human beings repeat the same old mistakes and crying out – half jokingly - “How long, Oh Lord?”

Obviously, I know this question has no answer because everything is subject to the free will of human beings. Yet as a spiritual teacher I certainly do wish that people would wake up sooner rather than later. I am a result-oriented Master, and you will notice that I sometimes chastised my disciples for not responding to my teachings as quickly as I desired.

While some might see this as a flaw in my character, it was nevertheless one of the reasons I was chosen to descend to this planet as a spiritual teacher. Due to the low state of consciousness to which most human beings had descended, there was need of a spiritual teacher who was direct and had a no-nonsense approach to awakening people from the spiritual coma in which most of them are trapped.

In reality, it is often necessary to shock people out of this state of mind, and this must be done by a teacher who has the clear goal that he will never leave a person in the same state of consciousness in which he met that person.

Explanatory note: Sanat Kumara is a spiritual being who was the head of a civilization that exists in the etheric realm over the physical planet Venus. In the distant past, the consciousness of people on earth had descended to a very low level, and Sanat Kumara volunteered to descend to earth and help people raise their consciousness. He was accompanied by 144,000 lifestreams from Venus who took embodiment on earth. Many of them are still here and feel a strong desire to serve as spiritual teachers or in other ways help raise the consciousness of the people on earth.





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