Walking the Path

How to stop reacting through a separate self
Relation between the collective spirits and the personal internal spirits
It isn't important to label separate selves, it is important to take one self at a time, come to see it, and let it go
Opposition and chaos on the spiritual path
How people go down in consciousness
Progress on the spiritual path
Humor vs. not taking yourself so seriously
Blind faith on the spiritual path
Lost time on the spiritual path
Taking on the illusions necessary to embody on earth
How to connect directly to the masters
Dedication to the spiritual path
Intellectual understanding vs. connecting to the heart
How do we go to a spiritual retreat?
Question about Kim’s perception and perspective on life
You need to let go of the selves that have produced your achievements
How to approach ascended master teaching
How do we learn in the etheric retreats
How to avoid being pulled into extremes
The maximum growth happens when you are not resisting it, you’re not trying to force it into a specific matrix, you are allowing it to unfold
Indicators of level of consciousness
How not to turn the spiritual path into a mental game
Passing an initiation is not an automatic result of doing the outer practice
Regretting the past and the primal self
How to attain the state of inner peace
How to deal with mistakes that affect other people
Being a follower of the Christ today does not mean that you have to be persecuted
The illusions we take on to descend to the 48th level of consciousness
It takes a very long time for a lifestream to evolve
Setting boundaries on the spiritual path
The last initiations on earth
Balanced approach to spiritual path
Phases in overcoming reactionary patterns
How to deal with fake news or conspiracy theories
Feedback from the cosmic mirror
Looking for patterns
Personal security
Letting go of attachments to wrong decisions of the past
Disturbances from other people
Being grounded and ungrounded
Feeling paralyzed on the spiritual path
Increasing our psychic or mental powers
When your life does not seem to change
Cutting attachments
Being balanced on the path
Reacting and analyzing
Being too harsh on yourself
About opposition to growth
Will we reach an ultimate level of the path?
Gratitude helps you realize that matter does not have power over spirit
Why surrender is such an essential part of the spiritual path
The path is a state of constant self-observation
Walking the spiritual path without suffering
Who am I? - The answer is a reflection of your current state of consciousness
Some creative people insist that taking drugs helped their spiritual growth
Do we need a structured outer path?
Overcoming frustration on the spiritual path
The foundation for your growth is to transform the energies created by dualistic beliefs
The role of humor on the spiritual path
How to live in the now
Are we traumatized from our original spiritual birth?
Your personal master
A balanced approach to life
Defend your spiritual awakening

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Conferences for 2020


We now have four conferences planned for 2020. 


You can find more information about them here.




Gautama transcript 2020


The transcript of Gautama Buddha's New Year's dictation is now on the website.



Gautama 2020


The sound file for Gautama Buddha's New Year's dictation is on the subscriber's website in a folder named 2020 sound files.


Estonia sound and Ukraine text


The sound files for the Estonia conference are now on the subscriber's website in a folder named Estonia 2019.
The text files for the Ukraine conference are on the Ascended Master Light website.

Reminder conference in Estonia


Just a reminder that our yearly conference in Estonia is coming up at the end of November.


Because it is usually a smaller conference, we have more time for people to get to know each other and for Kim to interact with people so we hope to see you there.


You can find more information HERE.




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