Spiritual Tools

How to connect directly to the masters
Chanting and using affirmations in the healing process
About participation in the Mother Mary 500 Vigil
How to give invocations being a busy mother
About Om, Amen and I AM
How to overcome the difficulties in attuning to the masters
Seeing the results of making the calls
Making calls on pedophilia, satanism, ritualistic abuse and mind control in elite circles
Question about writing letters to the Karmic Board
The effect of making the calls and free will
How to go into the heart
Question about masters’ recommendations for group practices
Question about the vigil 500
How do invocations work on a psychological level?
How to prioritize spiritual tools
How can people who are not open to ascended masters transform negative energy?
The spiritual practices of the disabled people
How to do birth trauma exercise
Problems with visualization
Invoking light and a sensation of pain or certain medical symptoms in the body
Making the calls during the day
A term invocation is more neutral than a term rosary
Making the calls, free will and four levels of the material universe
Allow yourself to feel which invocation appeals to you
Children and presence of ascended masters
Children and using spiritual tools
How to translate decrees and invocations
A balanced approach to using spiritual tools
Why ascended masters do not teach meditation in a traditional form
Implementation of calls from Astrea’s invocation
How many participants of Mother Mary’s 500 vigil
Giving invocations during exercise
What can we ask for in an invocation?
Energy burden after giving invocations
Are crystals useful?
Building discernment about spiritual techniques and teachings
Multiplication of decrees
What do the masters think about physical exercises?
Spontaneous calls
How Shiva cuts you free from negative energy
The decrees given in the past
How to guarantee that you will NOT get results from using spiritual tools
How to react when your spiritual work does not produce the physical results you desire
Don’t feel guilty for having the feelings an invocation is meant to help you resolve
Spiritual protection, binding the ego
The gift of self-awareness and the violet flame
Correct use of psychic abilities and astrology

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Sound files webinar


The sound files for the Holland 2020 webinar are now on the subscribers website, in a folder named Women2020.



Webinar times and last call to sign up


For practical reasons, we will not be selling access to the webinar after midnight CEST Friday, May 29th, so if you are planning to attend but have not yet purchased the webinar, please do so before then.
Apparently there has been some confusion about the time difference, so I wanted to clear that up.
The times given for the webinar are based on the time in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is on central European summer time (CEST), which is UTC +2.
The easiest way to figure out the time difference between your location and CEST is to search for time zone converter, or use this link:
Enter your home town first, then enter Copenhagen and the program will give you the time for both locations so you can figure out the difference.

Webinar important info


As of today, Tuesday, June 26th we have sent emails to those who have purchased the webinar for the liberation of women.

If you purchased the webinar and if you have not received the email, please look in your spam folder.

Then, email Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


NOTE: If you have received the email, you do not need to email me.


A second new invocation


There is now another invocation for the liberation of women.


Please use this alternately with the first one, or if you have time, give both of them once a day before our conference.

Click here.



New invocation for webinar


There is now a new invocation for stopping the exploitation of women.


The masters request that as many people as possible give this invocation daily before the webinar. Please consider giving it even if you cannot participate in the webinar.


You can find the invocation here.



kodulehe tegemine