How to know your God Flame

Question: Dear Master MORE, can we get an answer on our God flame? How can we see it in ourselves?


Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels (June 2013):


You each have an individual God Flame and it must be known by you on an individual basis. It is not actually constructive to have someone tell you what your God Flame is, for your God Flame cannot be described accurately through words. It is a geometric structure, a pattern, a matrix, that is complex, multi-faceted, and you will not know all of it at once. 


You will know it as you raise your consciousness. The best way to do this is, of course, to use the tools and teachings we have given, but especially the tools and teachings we give for the seven rays that we are releasing as the chohans and the Maha Chohan. 


As you grow closer to the 96th level of consciousness, you will gradually come to know your God Flame. But you already, if you are open to ascended masters teachings, you know an aspect of your God Flame. You know the aspect that you can grasp with your current level of consciousness. 


So by using the tools to clear away the energies and the illusions in your minds, the four levels of the minds, and by taking time once in a while to meditate, to go into your heart and meditate on your I Am Presence, you can gradually come to know other facets of your God Flame. But you will naturally not know the fullness of your God Flame until you are ready to ascend. You will know increasing levels of it as you approach the 144th level of consciousness.



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