How to stop descending and start ascending

TOPICS: Taking embodiment is a descension process - when you overcome attachments, you can begin ascension process - seeing only what you want to believe - recognizing a reality outside your perception filter - the Peter consciousness - the golden question -

Question: Can you give me a better understanding of what it takes to truly enter the ascension spiral? I assume this has something to do with the concept of overcoming our perception filter? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 2, 2011)


What is the process of the ascension? As I said 2,000 years ago, "no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven."


How do you "come down from heaven?" You do so by identifying yourself with something on earth, saying "I am this" and "I am that." And through this descension process, you can move as far away from the pure awareness with which you descended as you desire.


To enter the ascension process, you must first stop the descension process. You must come to the realization that you have had enough of identifying with things or conditions on earth.


Thus, the ascension process is a process whereby you gradually dis-identify yourself from anything on earth, until there is nothing on this planet to which you have any attachments. And if you have no attachments, you will have no reaction for or against anything.


So descension is when you say: "I am this" and "I am that," and ascension starts when you say, "I am not this" and "I am more than that."


This is not an easy task, because after you identify yourself as a human being on earth, your perception of life will be colored by that sense of identity. You will thus tend to see only what affirms what you already want to believe, and this makes it very difficult for anyone to overcome the sense of identity as a separate being.


What can break the spell? Only that you encounter a reality outside your own perception filter.


For some this comes in the form of an inner, mystical experience of pure awareness, for others it comes when they recognize that a teacher or teaching has a higher degree of Christ consciousness than they do. This is passing the first challenge of Christ.


Yet the crucial concern is whether a student will pass the second challenge of Christ and be willing to use the contact with a true teacher to question his or her perception filter. Will you allow the true teacher to take you out of your perception filter, or will you seek to force the teacher to conform to your filter?


If you do the latter, you enter the Peter consciousness. Peter, of course, being the primary symbol for what happens to people who do find a true teacher but after a while come to a point, where there is a perception they will not give up in order to continue following the teacher. The Catholic Church was from its inception built on this "Rock of Peter" rather than the Rock of Christ, and to this day it continues to promote a man-made image of Christ.


When you react this way, you do not fulfill the ancient law that governs the relationship between ascended masters and their students: "When the student is ready, the guru appears." Thus, you will no longer be able to magnetize an ascended master as your teacher. You will instead magnetize the kind of spirits – and they might indeed parade as ascended masters – who will validate the perception you are not willing to have challenged.


Some students have built a subtle and usually unrecognized habit of arguing against what the ascended masters say when it does not confirm their existing beliefs. For such students it would be highly constructive to ask: 


"What do my current reactions say about my current state of consciousness?"


This is the golden question for all who are serious about entering the ascension process. Only those who are willing to ask that question – and continue to ask it in ANY situation where you react to something on earth – will truly become ascended masters.


Those who are not willing to engage in this self-examination will continue in the descension process, being firmly convinced their perception is accurate. We of the ascended masters will always respect your right to do this. Yet when you have had enough and decide that you are willing to start dis-identifying yourself from your own perception filter, then we will always be ready to help you.


For when a student truly is ready, we will indeed appear. Although we often appear in a disguise designed to test whether the students truly are willing to question their perception—even their perception of what an ascended master should be like. Thus, our appearance always leaves room, so that those who will not question their perception can find a justification for rejecting us. Some have indeed turned this argumentation against the true teacher into an art form. Yet: "What is that to thee—follow thou me."




Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels

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