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Question: Jesus, did You live some time in India before You gave Your teachings in the Holy Land? And after the crucifixion, did You go back to India then, and is Your grave in Srinagar? I have seen a picture of it. 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


As I have explained elsewhere, I did travel in India in preparation for my mission in Palestine. As I also explain elsewhere, I did return after the crucifixion and lived with Mary Magdalene in Kashmir. However, my return was in “an ascended master light body that is lowered in vibration until it can be detected by the physical senses.” When I ended my sojourn on earth, I simply withdrew that body and it disappeared from the material frequency spectrum as if it had never existed.

My point being that there was no need for a burial and thus no need for a tomb. Indeed, since my life with Mary was kept a secret, why would I leave a physical mausoleum?

The claim that a certain tomb in Srinagar is my tomb is a rumor that started a long time ago and was gradually told and retold so many times that it became an elaborate myth that many see as fact. It has a bearing in fact in the sense that I traveled and lived in Kashmir. However, living in a place does not necessarily mean that one has to die and be buried in that place—at least not when one has conquered the last enemy called death.




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Just a reminder that our important Holland conference is coming up.

The masters gave some tremendous dictations in Korea about the topic of dictatorships, and the topic of the Holland conference is fanaticism, which goes hand in hand with ending dictatorships and elitism. Given how much fanaticsm has originated in Europe, this is obviously an important conference. 

On the practical side, based on feedback from last year, we have moved to a bigger venue in Amsterdam so it is easier to get there from the airport. There are also plenty of hotels within a short distance. If you plan to drive, parking can be a little tight, but there are places to park at a distance and you can then take public transportation the rest of the way.

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