No historical records of Jesus

TOPICS: No “facts” that cannot be questioned - Jesus was not seen as an important person at the time - neither Jews nor Romans saw Jesus as important - in ancient world a different purpose for writing history books -

Question: Why does not one historian record Jesus’ existence and if they did it was a forgery or it’s questionable? Why does Josephus (the historian of the messianic age) not record you?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Several historians, including Josephus, mention my existence. You are right that some of these records are forgeries and others are questionable, yet there is no knowledge that the human intellect cannot doubt or question.

In considering this question, you need to realize that you are looking at me and my life with a bias that springs from the fact that my life has become the basis for a world-wide religion. When I lived, the world was very different. The means of communication made it difficult to spread knowledge around the globe. As a result, most people were entirely focused on their own immediate surroundings. There were people who lived a few miles from Jerusalem and yet had no idea of my existence.

You must also understand that while I was on this planet only a very small number of people actually saw me as a significant spiritual leader. Most of the Jews rejected me as the Messiah, and therefore they saw no reason to write any historical records about this madman. The Romans regarded me as a rebel. Most Romans outside of Judea had never heard about me, and the historians who had heard about me considered me a rather insignificant Jewish rebel. I did not become truly significant to the Roman empire until Christianity became the official state religion. I can assure you that even today there are people and events that will later be seen as pivotal but which are now regarded as entirely unimportant by most people on this planet.

In the ancient world the purpose for writing history books was not so much to record facts but to portray an image that supported the ruling elite and its policies. If the writings of a historian did not support the elite, he might be imprisoned or executed. While much of modern history writing is also affected by political concerns, the improved communications technology has made it more difficult to get away with a political rewriting of events.

Another factor is that while a historian might be concerned about preserving of record for posterity, the historian still has to eat. To eat, the historian must write about something which his contemporaries find important. Otherwise, he might be so busy making a living that he has no time to write historical records.





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