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TOPICS: Jesus does not want to release his birthday - people were in a mythical consciousness 2,000 years ago - Jesus deliberately hid facts -

Question: When was Jesus born, meaning what year and day? Edgar Cayce said that you were born on March 19th. What year were you born? Herod died in 4 BCE so you weren't born in 1 AD. The bible says you were born in 6 or 7 BCE and so do the new agers.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


This is information that I currently do not want to release to humankind. When I appeared 2,000 years ago, I taught in the tradition of the ancient mystery teachers. The purpose of this tradition is to teach and demonstrate the inner path. If a student becomes focused on outer, factual knowledge, it will prevent the student from walking the inner path.

Furthermore, 2,000 years ago humankind was in a different state of consciousness than today. As explained elsewhere, people were in a mythical state of consciousness. That is why I taught them in parables, and my parables obviously were not meant to be interpreted as factual events. What I am saying is that in the tradition of the ancient mystery teachers, I deliberately made it difficult for people to know certain facts about my life.

We are now moving into a rational age, and I foresee that in the not too distant future it will be possible to release these facts to humankind. We have not yet reached that point.

Furthermore, if I did give you a specific date, how could you possibly accept that date? Would you not immediately refer to some other source claiming that I was born on a different date and use that to doubt my statement?


Edgar Cayce did in fact bring forth many true teachings about me. However, the dates and the years that you mention are not correct.





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