Was Jesus an Essene?

TOPICS: Jesus was not an Essene - Essenes took things too far into extremes - Jesus taught an inner path and therefore did not define outer requirements -

Question: Jesus, there is an Essene gospel which claims that you were an Essene, is that correct? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I was never formally an Essene, and I held no official position in the Essene community. I was affiliated with the Essenes, and I did hope that they would serve as a base for spreading my teachings. Unfortunately, the Essene community was not quite able to transcend its tendency to take things to the extremes. One such tendency was the insistence on a diet and lifestyle that was simply too unbalanced for most people. Another example was their dream that the Messiah would lead the Jews in a militant uprising against the Romans. Because I did not live up to their expectations of how the Messiah should be, they largely rejected me and did not fulfill my hopes. Therefore, I do not consider myself an Essene.

You see, my primary mission was to help people discover the universal path that leads to Christ consciousness. This is an inner path, and I attempted to describe it in universal terms, within the constraints of the culture in which I appeared. I did not set up any outer requirements that would make it more difficult for people to accept this path. I did not require people to follow a certain diet, become Jews before they could become Christians or become circumcised. These are outer factors, and although diet certainly can affect the speed of your spiritual growth, it is more important to follow the inner path to Christhood than to follow any outer rules or rituals.





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