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TOPICS: Must look beyond doctrines - find balance and do not believe everything - be wise as serpents - some theories are deliberate forgeries - in information age, the power elite seek to overwhelm people with false information - those who deify the intellect - Jesus was a historical person - Saint Issa - Apollonius of Tyana - Jeshu ben Pandira -

Question: Isn't your name Eesa? or rather Issa?

It is said that you went to all these places like Egypt, Persia, India, Tibet and wherever else, but really not a lot of proof?
There is actually one person who did travel to these place and he was Apollonius of Tyana, and he lived when it is said you lived but there is no proof you lived. So the question highlighting this is weren’t you Jeshu ben Pandira and then you reincarnated as Apollonius of Tyana?
Well, I wish I could actually talk to the real master Jesus.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


It is extremely important for a spiritual seeker to maintain an open mind and a willingness to look beyond established, or orthodox, doctrines and dogmas. I will be the first to admit, as explained throughout this website, that much of my true teaching has been systematically removed from orthodox Christianity. Therefore, to know my true teaching, you must be willing to look beyond the boundaries defined by orthodoxy.

Yet it is also important for a true seeker to find balance and to exercise discernment. In other words, while it is good to be open, it is not good to be open to any theory that comes along. This is especially true in the age of the Internet. There are so many theories and beliefs broadcast on the Internet that a person can quickly end up feeling overwhelmed.

While certain new theories have indeed helped many seekers expand their understanding of the spiritual side of life, I must tell you that the abundance of theories has also caused some sincere seekers to end up not knowing what to believe or, even worse, not daring to believe in anything.

Balance and discernment, therefore, are the key words when it comes to spiritual growth. Stay out of the extremes. Stay out of the one extreme of closing your mind to anything that goes beyond orthodox doctrine. Stay out of the opposite extreme of opening your mind to anything that is out there.

Remember my saying to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Being wise as serpents means being wise to the existence of the serpents, or rather the serpentine logic promoted by many false teachers or even by those who simply do not know better. You must realize that there are forces that seek to prevent you from knowing the truth. For many centuries, they attempted to suppress the truth by banning and burning books. In today's information age, technology has taken this weapon away from them. Yet they are quick to use technology for their ends, and one way is to spread so many false, incomplete or outrageous theories that many people either cling to orthodoxy or give up in discouragement because they know not what to believe. Remember the saying that discouragement is the sharpest tool in the Devil’s toolkit!

As a spiritual seeker it is extremely important to be aware that there is a group of people on earth who have deified the human intellect. They believe they have developed such a sophisticated intellect that they can explain and understand all of the questions about life through the intellect. This is a fallacy, and no amount of intellectual reasoning will change that fact. You cannot know ultimate truth through the relative faculty of the human intellect. You can know absolute truth only through the absolute discernment of the Christ consciousness. You achieve contact with your Christ self through the heart and not through the intellect.

The intellectual elite, as they like to refer to themselves, think they can understand and explain the mysteries of life. Some are found in the field of science and some are found in the field of religion. Wherever they are found, they are precisely the people that I rebuked with my statement, “Woe unto ye lawyers, for ye have taken away the key to knowledge—the key to knowledge of the inner Christ—ye entered not in yourselves—you were not willing to put on your personal Christhood—and those that would enter ye hindered—by ensnaring them with your intellectual reasoning and theories.

I am in no way saying that all of the theories about me are false. Yet I must tell you that a very large portion of them are indeed false and, no matter how appealing they might be to the human intellect, they have no basis in the reality of Christ.

Yes, I am aware of the many theories that raise questions about whether there was ever a historical Jesus or whether the person that inspired the Gospels was this or that person. Yet I must tell you truly that there was indeed a historical man named Jesus who became the Christ. And while the orthodox Gospels do not give an accurate account of my life or my teachings, they are, in fact, more accurate than many of the theories that you find on the Internet.

Regardless of the sophistication of these many intellectual theories, there is indeed a reality, a spiritual and physical reality, of the Christ. I am the true Jesus Christ and I am speaking through this messenger who has made himself ready and willing to let me speak through him.

Yet how will people know me as the true Christ? How can you know that I am indeed the real Jesus Christ speaking on a website that is only one among thousands of others with conflicting theories and claims? You can know so only by gaining confirmation in your own heart.

Take note of the fact that when the Roman soldiers came to arrest me, they needed Judas to point me out amongst my disciples. The soldiers could not recognize me as the Christ in embodiment, and to them I looked like any other man. What does it take to recognize the living Christ, whether he appears before you in a physical body, in a spiritual vision or on a page on the Internet? It takes a certain measure of Christ truth in your own heart. It takes a conscious contact with your Christ self.

If you have this spark of Christ in your heart, you will know my voice even though I am speaking through one of your brothers in embodiment. If you do not know my voice, then you have the option of sharpening your discernment. Invoke spiritual protection against the forces of this world that are seeking to confound and confuse your mind. Make an effort to develop a direct relationship with your higher self, your Christ self. And above all strive to maintain balance in all things.

Let me now address your questions. I did indeed travel to the nations of the East and to Egypt, as described elsewhere. In the East, I did become known as Saint Issa. There is indeed historical evidence of my travels, as described in several books.

You are asking about proof, but what proof could possibly be given that the human mind could not doubt? There are those on earth who are absolutely convinced that archaeological evidence supports the creation story in the Bible. There are those who are equally convinced that archaeological evidence supports the theories of Darwin. Proof, therefore, is in the eyes of the beholder. If you see through the eyes of the relativity of the lower consciousness, you will not recognize truth even if it stands before you as the embodied Christ.

No, I was not Apollonius of Tyana or Jeshu ben Pandira. These were separate lifestreams and not my embodiments. Did I marry Mary Magdalene? I have commented on this elsewhere.

You say that you wish you could talk to the real Jesus, and indeed you can. You can hear me speak to you in your own heart—if you are willing to open your heart to my Presence and invite me to enter. To hear me speak to you in your heart, follow my advice given above and make an effort to practice the technique for inner attunement.

It is not difficult to know me directly. My demands are not high. I only demand that you are willing to lose your life, your mortal sense of identity and your intellectual theories about life, in order to know me directly in your heart. Truly, that is not a high price to pay for eternal life in the Light of Christ.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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