The perversion of abundance

Question: What is a perversion of the consciousness of abundance? What is the negative energy that is behind this? Why cannot people manifest abundance in their lives and the country?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:


This is a complex question because there is not just one perversion and one cause. In a sense, each of the seven rays can be perverted and prevent people’s abundance. Yet, in Russia, the greatest perversion, or the greatest block, to the people’s abundance is actually the lack of trust in God. This is, of course, to a large degree a product of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which for a thousand years presented a distorted view of God, Jesus and Christianity, as the Catholic Church did the same in the West. This distorted view was combined with the atheist view of the Communist era where there was a denial of the existence of God.

What was attempted to be done in the Soviet era was to build a material standard of living by taking things through force from nature, by forcing nature to produce what the people decided they needed or wanted according to the latest five-year plan. Take as an example, the attempt to revert the direction of large rivers, a radical redesign of a natural flow of energy that a river actually represents. 

There were, of course, numerous other examples of how the Soviet system attempted to force Mother Nature instead of working with nature in trust and harmony. This force-based approach actually created an opposite spiral of what is meant to be an upward spiral that gives people greater abundance. This is why you will see that the Soviet Union had a lower standard of living than the West where there was a better spiral, despite the fact that there also was a perversion of people’s view of God and a certain atheist and certainly a secularist approach to government.

In order to have true abundance in a society, that society needs to acknowledge that there is a spiritual realm beyond the material and that everything in the material realm is built from spiritual energy that has been released as a stream into the material world. A society does not need to have a specific religion. It does not even need to acknowledge the existence of ascended masters, even though we are the ones releasing the energy. But there needs to be some acknowledgment of the fact that everything in the material world is made from energy that comes from a higher realm.

Therefore, the only way to create an upward spiral leading to greater abundance is to increase the stream of spiritual energy. Individual human beings have the potential to be the open doors for this stream. This of course requires that people have trust in the spiritual realm. They trust the reality, they also trust the benevolence that there is not an angry and judgmental God in the sky, but the God that Jesus described when he said: “Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” 

It is truly the pleasure of the ascended masters to give the abundant life to all people on earth. As we have said: “The call compels the answer.” If you do not believe in the reality of Spirit, how can you make the call, and then how can we, according to the Law of Free Will, give the answer?

In Russia, the greatest block is the remnants of the mindset that is, as I said, a combination of the Orthodox Church and the Communist system. You can make calls on the dissolution of this mindset and use the teachings we have given during this conference to understand it better. Then you can work on it in yourselves so that you also overcome this and trust that, regardless of the current situation in Russia, it is still possible for you to receive abundance, even material abundance, when you resolve your own psychology and your relationship with God. 

I am not thereby saying that you need to feel bad if as a spiritual student you do not have great abundance. Many spiritual people are not meant to engage in the kind of business activities that are currently the only ways to manifest great abundance. It is therefore for many spiritual people better to have lesser abundance and stand apart from these activities until, as we move further into the golden age, it becomes easier to manifest abundance without taking part in business practices that require the use of force, manipulation or corruption in order to give great monetary wealth.



Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels

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