Can we have good physical health?

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Question: It is well known that everything in the world of form is a projection of our consciousness and this is also related to our view of our bodies that reflect our state of consciousness. Is it possible to have our bodies, our physical body, to be in good shape that allow us to avoid any diseases, to have good health and help us to be here and to do what we can do?

Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

Yes, it is possible, but not necessarily for everyone and not necessarily for every level of the path. This is too individual of a matter to be covered in a general question because you each have an individual divine plan. Part of your divine plan is to overcome certain obstacles and for some people this is a physical disease that they have the potential to overcome. Thus, in order to manifest good health, you need to overcome the consciousness behind the disease, and only then will it be possible for you. 

Then there are others for whom it is part of their divine plan to demonstrate that they can live with a certain disease and still manifest a positive attitude to life and fulfill their spiritual growth and their spiritual potential. Again, for such people it would not necessarily be possible to have good health.

Yet for most people, it will, of course, be possible to have good health. And this is partly a matter of living right, of eating right, according to the theories that are out there in the world. Again, you must find the one that works for you individually. It is also a matter of avoiding certain practices and foods that destroy the body, first of all drugs and alcohol and certain types of food. 

Yet, also, it is highly recommended again that you use our spiritual tools to transform the energies that burden your four lower bodies and will eventually manifest as disease and other imbalances, even aging, in the body. Again, yes, if it is in your divine plan and you are determined to live right and use the spiritual tools, it is possible. 


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