Healing, Physical

Learning the lesson from a difficult physical condition
About physical cleansing and spiritual psychological healing
Physical symptoms of spiritual growth
Restless leg syndrome
Conspiracy theories about vaccinations
Question about needing glasses
The placebo effect
Spiritual perspective on migraine
The physical body and the death of a separate self
Spiritual perspective on menstruation
Women need to make a shift in their self-awareness, their self-image of what it means to be a woman
The Golden Age approach to nutrition and medicine
There is no physical thing that can cure any condition at any time
Give up the dream of creating the ultimate system that can cure everyone
Does the quality of sleep affect the ability to visit the retreats at night?
What is the purpose of sleep?
How to approach a life-threatening illness
The brain, the brain disease and spiritual growth
Question about sleeping pills
In vitro and stem cell technology
The ethical dilemmas in medicine of the 21st century
How to heal a chronic disease?
Dementia of children
The vision for health care in the Golden Age
A holistic approach to healing must incorporate dealing with the psyche
Using leeches for healing
Allergies of preschool children
Spiritual perspective on autism
Spiritual perspective on in vitro fertilisation
Spiritual perspective on euthanasia
Energy medicine and bio - resonance
Protection from infection
Non-traditional medicine and vaccinations
Blood donation
Children with allergies and conspiracies
Vaccinations and conspiracy theories
Parkinson’s disease
Adrenal fatigue resistance to being on earth
Purifying drinking water and the body’s alchemical abilities
The importance of physical health for spiritual seekers
Spiritual help for people with dementia or Alzheimer's
Is AIDS God's punishment?
Not allowing physical limitations to stop your spiritual growth
No healing method is a cure-all
Keeping people on life-support
Donation of blood or organs
A non-pacifying approach to disease and dying
Being willing to learn from a disease
Receiving inner direction for healing a disease
The power is within you to heal any imperfection
Is a severe illnesses the result of personal karma?
Reiki follow-up
The healing art of Reiki
Disease as a result of world karma
Spiritual cause of fatigue
The essential ingredient in healing and prayer is acceptance
Healing by the Holy Spirit or lower spirits

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Updated Mother Mary 500 for 2020


I have updated the program for Mother Mary's 500 vigil.

You can see the changes HERE.

Conferences for 2020


We now have four conferences planned for 2020. 


You can find more information about them here.




Gautama transcript 2020


The transcript of Gautama Buddha's New Year's dictation is now on the website.



Gautama 2020


The sound file for Gautama Buddha's New Year's dictation is on the subscriber's website in a folder named 2020 sound files.


Estonia sound and Ukraine text


The sound files for the Estonia conference are now on the subscriber's website in a folder named Estonia 2019.
The text files for the Ukraine conference are on the Ascended Master Light website.

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