Anne Rice - the mind of anti-christ retells the story of Christ

TOPICS: Anne Rice’s books about Jesus - not accurate description of Jesus’ life -

Question: Dear Jesus, I was walking around today when I saw this book written by Anne Rice, called Christ the Lord. I was wondering what you think of it.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


This book is written by a person who for many lifetimes has been fascinated by – one might say in love with – the mind of anti-christ. She has lost her own spiritual light and has thus sought to get it from others through her previous books on vampires and other topics that shock readers into releasing their spiritual light.

While her search for understanding God is genuine, she has not been willing to acknowledge that you will never find God through the mind of anti-christ. This is one reason she has chosen to convert back to a church that is likewise heavily influenced by the mind of anti-christ and thus does not challenge her to leave this mindset behind.

If you want an accurate historical description of my early life, you will not find it in this book. If you want a greater understanding of my mission and teachings, you will not find it in this book.

What you will find in this book is an example of how a person can use the mind of anti-christ to retell the story of Christ. And although this can give you some insight into how the mind of anti-christ works, I will leave it up to you to decide whether that makes it worthwhile to read the book.

I will, however, recommend that only people with good discernment consider reading this book.





Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

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Updates on fall conferences


Just a reminder that we have three ascended master conferences planned for this fall. We hope to see you in Kiev, Ukraine, Washington, D.C. or Tallinn, Estonia.

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Three new books:
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Just a reminder that our important Holland conference is coming up.

The masters gave some tremendous dictations in Korea about the topic of dictatorships, and the topic of the Holland conference is fanaticism, which goes hand in hand with ending dictatorships and elitism. Given how much fanaticsm has originated in Europe, this is obviously an important conference. 

On the practical side, based on feedback from last year, we have moved to a bigger venue in Amsterdam so it is easier to get there from the airport. There are also plenty of hotels within a short distance. If you plan to drive, parking can be a little tight, but there are places to park at a distance and you can then take public transportation the rest of the way.

Because we have a larger conference hall, there is still room, but please don't wait too long to register.

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