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Question: Is there any advice you can give us in regards to the I AM Discourses [Published by Saint Germain Press] in following them or applying them or internalizing them. Or is there anything in addition you would like to add to this.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


The I AM Discourses are wonderful books that were released from the heart of Saint Germain. They do contain wonderful teachings on the AM Presence. Yet as all elements of progressive revelation, they were released at a certain time. And when they were released, they were specifically designed for the level of consciousness that humankind had in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Back then it was more difficult for people to accept the concept that the kingdom of God is within them. Therefore, many of the concepts we are giving today could not be released back then, because humankind was not ready for them. Consequently, the I AM Discourses can give you the impression that the I AM Presence is so far above you that it might seem beyond your reach. This is not because there is anything wrong with the I AM Discourses, it is simply that they were given at a time when humankind was not ready for the higher teaching that the I AM Presence is a part of you, that you, meaning the Conscious You, is an extension of it and that eventually you need to come to the point, where you do not see the I AM Presence as being above you but you see it as being the real you, that you are a part of it.

This is the teaching that I came to bring forth 2,000 years ago when I said that the kingdom of God is within you and that I and my Father are one. I meant to set the stage for this age when people can step up and finally let go of the image of an external God that has been the dominant image in humankind’s religion for thousands of years.

The more advanced spiritual seekers today are ready for the real teaching. The spiritual seekers today are ready for the true teaching that God is within you because everything is created from God’s Being. So yes, I do recommend that people read and study the I AM Discourses, but you will gain a deeper understanding of them, if you keep in mind the teachings about discovering the I AM Presence within you.

You also need to be aware that the I AM Discourses contain many descriptions of the inner retreats of the Brotherhood. And although the descriptions are true, they might seem to be very far away from your ordinary day-to-day experience. Again, this was necessary in previous ages to awaken inner memories. But today, as you will see, we give a much more down-to-earth, direct spiritual teaching because the mature spiritual seekers do not necessarily need the fantastic stories of other realms.

The true challenge of this age is not truly to tune in to the spiritual realm, but to bring the spiritual realm into your everyday life and consciousness so that you express it in all your activities. You live it. And in order to do this, you need to let go of all sense that God is outside of you or that you are down here and the spiritual realm is so wonderful up there, but beyond your reach.

This is the transition from the consciousness of Pisces to the consciousness of Aquarius. And it is the transition of moving away from focusing your attention on an outer religion or the image of an external God and focusing it on the God within you, the kingdom of God within you.

And again, who can make that transition? Only the Conscious You can make that transition by becoming aware that it is an individualization of God. Only temporarily are you trapped on this planet, and you are trapped only if you choose to identify yourself with the things of this world. You truly are a beautiful spiritual being and as you identify yourself with the greater Self that you are, you will bring heaven to earth. And this is the goal. This has always been the goal, but humankind has not been ready. Yet we are now at the brink of breaking through where more and more people can accept this eternal reality.





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