Music to enhance your spiritual growth

TOPICS: Ancient cultures had deeper understanding of music - scientific studies - your energy field is affected by music - your chakras and your attention - what do you love most? - will music raise or lower your energies? - some music forces energies into lower chakras - this can give you a sense of pleasure - if it feels good; don’t do it - need for new forms of music -

Question: I am having a bit of a conflict regarding rock music. I play guitar and find it to be a very creative vehicle of expression. I still enjoy tremendously playing the music of the classics like the who, led zeppelin, the rolling stones, the doors and Kiss. I find when playing them I feel joy and happiness. I was just wondering how continued listening to these groups can aid in my spiritual growth (through christ).

Also any insight to which groups and music can slow my spiritual growth?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You say that you have a conflict regarding rock music. The reason is that your intuitive faculties are telling you that there is something you have not yet understood or seen about this form of music and about the effect of music in general. I strongly encourage you to listen to these inner promptings. Make an effort to expand your intuition and engage in a study of music and the effects of music.

Many ancient cultures have various teachings about the effects of music, both good and bad. Some ancient cultures believed that the fastest way to destroy a society was to play the wrong kind of music. Even modern science has begun to realize that music has a profound effect on people. Scientific studies have shown that whereas classical music can make plants grow better, rock music has the opposite effect. You can also find studies about the effect of music on learning.

By engaging in a study of the various effects of music, you will give your intuition something to work with and that will give you a foundation for receiving further insights from within.

I will, however, give you some insights to ponder. As stated throughout this website, even modern science has recognized that everything is energy. As we describe, LINK there is an energy field surrounding the human body. This energy field is connected to the mind. It should not be difficult to see that the sound waves produced by music are waves of energy and that they can effect the human energy field. 

Within the human energy field are certain energy centers, often called chakras. LINK There are seven main energy centers, and they are aligned with the spine. The lowest energy center is the Base chakra, the highest is the Crown chakra and in the center is the Heart chakra.

Your lifestream, and even the physical body, is sustained by a stream of energy that flows from your spiritual self into your energy field. This energy enters your field through the heart chakra and then some of it descends to the Base chakra. What happens to the energy after that is determined by your attention. It is your attention that directs the flow of energy through your energy field. 


What controls your attention? It is deeply affected by your personal preferences. In other words, what you love most is what you give the most attention, and it will therefore receive most of your energy. Obviously, the Heart chakra is the center of love in your being. Therefore, your Heart chakra is the key to controlling where your energies go. You need to make sure that you develop a love for the things that will help you grow.

If you love the things of this world, your energies will primarily be expressed through the three lower chakras. Thereby, you qualify the energies with a vibration that is close to the vibration of the material universe. This can eventually create an energy vortex which has a magnetic pull on your thoughts and emotions. In other words, the more energy you pour into your desires for the things of this world, the more the energy will pull on your thoughts and feelings, binding you even more to the things of this world. 


I am not saying that this is necessarily wrong. A lifestream can have legitimate desires for experiencing the activities of the material universe. Yet we all know that many people are consumed by various material desires, even to the point of having their lives consumed by an addiction.

A lifestream might spend many lifetimes pursuing the desires for the things of this world. However, most lifestreams will eventually reach a point where they feel like there must be more to life than what is offered in the material world. This then is the point where many lifestreams begin their spiritual awakening. At that point, you can greatly enhance your spiritual growth by becoming more aware of what you do with your energies. In other words, if you keep pouring your energies into of vortex that binds you to the material world, you will slow down your spiritual growth.

If you want to increase your spiritual growth, you need to start loving the things of the spirit. When you love spiritual "things," you will form a magnet in your Heart chakra that will pull the energies up through the Heart chakra and express those energies through the three upper chakras. This can eventually open the Crown chakra, which is the key to your spiritual illumination and enlightenment.

When you begin to understand about the flow of energy, you can clearly see that if you are serious about spiritual growth, you need to listen to and play music that will make your energies flow through the upper chakras instead of the lower chakras. I think most people will, by making an effort to increase their intuition and sensitivity, be able to sense where their energies flow when they are listening to and playing music. I think most people will quickly realize that rock music, jazz, rap and other forms of discordant music forces the energies down to the lower chakras and especially to the Base chakra.

Please understand an important point. Expressing energies through the lower chakras can easily give you a sense of pleasure. However, the fact that something makes you feel joyful and happy does not necessarily mean that the activity enhances your spiritual growth. What makes you feel good is a release of energy through the chakras. So feeling good does not necessarily mean that you are growing spiritually. In other words, you need to develop a certain discernment, so you can determine whether your energies are flowing to the upper or the lower chakras.

In that respect, let me say that in most western countries there is a certain culture which is based on the idea that if something feels good it couldn't possibly be wrong. I hope you can see that this is not necessarily true for a person who is concerned about spiritual growth. In other words, the fact that certain types of music make you feel joyful and happy does not necessarily mean that they enhance your spiritual progress. So if spiritual progress is your main concern, then you need to find types of music that cause your energies to flow up instead of down.

Examples of such music are many classical composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven and Handel. There are also certain types of New Age music that raise your energies. India has an old tradition for music that is specifically designed to give people a spiritual experience.

I can tell you that we of the ascended masters are eager to bring forth new types of music that will be as appealing to the youth as rock music is today but that will make people's energies flow up instead of concentrating them in the lower chakras.

I would advise you to engage in a study of music and to increase your sensitivity. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask me because this is an important topic, not only for you personally but for humankind as a whole. You might consider that you could channel your creative drive into bringing forth music that would raise the energies to the upper chakras.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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