The era of mindlessness is coming to an end on earth

TOPICS: Co-creating with our three higher bodies - Stepping outside your creation - How demons are created - Killing your own family members - Awakening the people in North Korea - Shattering the national demon of North Korea - North Korea is a world-wide issue - Clearing South Korea  - 

Ascended Master Shiva, through Kim Michaels July 2, 2016, at a conference in Seoul, Korea. CLICK HERE.





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Saint Germain's book is ready


The Mystical Initiations of Freedom by Saint Germain is now ready.

It is available in the More to Life store as printed book and ebook. Also, the seven invocations are available as sound files.

The Amazon version will be available in a couple of days.


Saint Germain 6 and 7


The 6th and 7th (final) chapters of Saint Germain's book are now on the subscriber's website.



Chapters 4 and 5 Saint Germain


The 4th and 5th chapters og Saint Germain's book are on the website.



Saint Germain 2 and 3


The 2nd and 3rd chapters for Saint Germain's book are now on the subscriber's website.


Saint Germain, Chapter 1


The first dictation for Saint Germain's book is now on the subscriber's website as a sound file.

It is in a folder named: StGermainBook2019


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