The new book by Master Lanto is now available

The book is titled: The Mystical Initiations of Wisdom.

It is available in both print and Ebook from our store. It contains both new dictations and new invocations to help you master the initiations of the Second Ray.

For more information, click HERE.

You can also purchase the ebook from Kindle. The printed book can be ordered by most bookstores.




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Saint Germain 6 and 7


The 6th and 7th (final) chapters of Saint Germain's book are now on the subscriber's website.



Chapters 4 and 5 Saint Germain


The 4th and 5th chapters og Saint Germain's book are on the website.



Saint Germain 2 and 3


The 2nd and 3rd chapters for Saint Germain's book are now on the subscriber's website.


Saint Germain, Chapter 1


The first dictation for Saint Germain's book is now on the subscriber's website as a sound file.

It is in a folder named: StGermainBook2019


Gautama 2019 transcribed


The transcribers have been very fast, so Gautama's New Years address has been transcribed and posted.

Click here.




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