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How to be free of the Soviet Union


The last dictation from Mother Mary at the conference in Estonia has been posted.

Click here.



Transforming the nations of the Soviet block


Transcription of a dictation by Mother Mary, given in Estonia, 2015.

Click here.



Dictation by Archangel Michael, June 2015


I have posted the transcript of a dictation by Archangel Michael given last year in Estonia.

The title is: A curtain of light to protect nations from the former Soviet block

Click here.




German translation


I am happy to announce that the first of my books has been translated into German.

It is Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom by Maitreya.

You can find more information here.



New book in DUTCH


I am happy to announce that The Power of Self has been translated into Dutch and is now available for purchase in the store.

Click here for more information.



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